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The festival team


Ouchy Film Awards (OFA) is a film & script award competition.
Its 5th edition in 2022, lead by Largo.ai, has resolutely taken a scientific path, and since adopted a new editorial line: Cinema through the lens of AI.


The competition accepts feature films, short films and movie screenplays, of all genres of narrative from all over the world.
There are six categories for award winning (see below).

The Preselection process is made over 4 seasons by a curation team who is also curating the platform Sofy.tv (Largo Films). The short list will grow along with the 4 seasons.

At the end of the 4 seasons, the curation team will select, amongst all the films of the shortlist, 5 films for each of the six categories to be part of the Official selection.

The award winner of each category will be determined with the help of artificial intelligence. AI results will be analyzed by data analysis specialists from Largo.ai, and compared with the grades assigned by the jury. (for more information on how each award will be judged, see below).

The winners will be announced during the Festival 2023 in Lausanne.

Video and script based / AI + human jury:

- Best Feature
- Best Short
- Best Screenplay (Feature or Short)

Video and script based / Human jury only

- Best Actor/actress (Feature or Short)

Video and script based / AI jury only

- Best International sales potential

Text based / AI + human jury

- Best Script (movie should not be shot yet)

The winners of the 6th year competition will receive the trophies during our event.

The 6th edition will take place on October 6th 2023 in Lausanne.

With the authorisation of the film team, the shortlisted films will be distributed on Sofy.tv

Besides the screenings, there will be discussion panels with data analysts and professionals from the movie industry, pitching sessions, and a ceremony during which we will present, for the first time, how AI was used to select the winners.

- All films must have been made in or after 2020.
- Short film entries must be shorter than 40 minutes.
- Feature films must be longer than 40 minutes.
- Entries that are not in English should be subtitled in English.
- Works in progress are accepted.
- Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker.
- Entree fees are non-refundable.
- There is no premiere requirement.
- Once you submit your film, you agree that we can use your film data confidentially in order to develop our services.

- Entrants must submit as soon as possible, latest by the deadline indicated by the festival team:
- A copy of high quality screener file
- The film script
- English and French subtitles

Overall Rating
  • Maria Drandaki

    Great festival, great communication and people

    October 2023
  • J. Thomas Peterson

    I only wish I could have attended the live festival! Otherwise, very organized.

    October 2022
  • Pedro Chilibroste

    Great communication and overall quality!

    August 2022
  • Ouchy felt like a kiss when my screenplay "Don't Change Your Husband" was selected. Thanks very much.

    May 2022
  • I am truly honored that my screenplay, IMPACT was the winner of two awards; the best screenplay award and the AI award. Thank you

    April 2021