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Kansas, Summer 1923: WW1 fighter ace, Captain Len Foxley -- a clown in his own life and his demeaning aero stunt show -- sees a chance to debt-freedom when he encounters a phenomenal robot named Otto... If only the man in the machine can stop insisting he is a machine.

  • Andy Byrne
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    Short Script
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Writer Biography - Andy Byrne

Born in London, UK, grew up in Dublin, Ireland and Luxembourg, now lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and son.

He grew up in a house of books, cinema, art and music. His earliest cinematic memory is Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris on BBC. Years later, after dipping his toe in journalism (including two non-fiction books) he was drawn back into fiction, specifically screenwriting. After picking up awards for his (quietly prescient) dystopian feature, Disconn, he's gone on to work on more feature projects and is working on an ambitious TV project.

His first literary love has always been dystopian fiction -- not because of its gloom, but because of the glint of light, of hope, it forces us to find, to rescue, to preserve. It's these stories we need now, more than ever.

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