Here we go! The 5th edition of Ortometraggi Film Festival is finally open!

Ortometraggi is a short film festival (including documentaries, animation, fiction and art video) whose aim is to raise awareness on issues related to environment, food, sustainability and the present relationship between mankind and nature.

We are linving the effects of climite change, in which way we can change our destiny?
What we have to do to change?

Ortometraggi Film Festival 2022 will be held again in Turin, one of the most important cities in Northern Italy.

Ortometraggi Film Festival 2022 is designed to be enjoyed both in-person and online. Together with the live show, the selected short films will be released for a limited period on a dedicated online platform. The directors will also be given the chance to take part in online interviews, in order to create an interactive event where audience and directors can talk about cinema, nature and sustainability.

This edition’s categories are distinguished by three main themes, in order to explore the subject of the relationship between man and nature from different points of view and facets.

Further informations about the event will soon be available on the web site.

The jury will nominate three awards by categories:

- Best Documentary
- Best Fiction
- Best Animation

and also mentions for "Best Art-Video" and "Best Ortometraggi Short-Film".

The deadline to submit the short film is 23.59 pm on 15/05/2022.

The festival is thematic, then the films have to be coherent with the general theme: relationship between man and nature. For more information about the theme, please, visit the website or contact us.

The short films which are thematically and qualitatively appropriate will be admitted to the screening.

The competition will be divided into Animation, Fiction, Documentaries and Art Video.

Subtitles in English or in Italian are mandatory. For each selected movie it’ll be requested:

- the file with english subtitles embedded
- the file without subtitles
- the .srt file

The movies will be screened in a special location in the city of Turin and also online, to reach a wide and passionate public and to regulate gatherings in compliance with Italian health regulations. The event date could change, according to the safety dispositions related to the Covid-19 emergency.

Prizes will be awarded by the jury, awarding a prize for each film genre (Animation, Fiction, Documentaries), if each section has an appropriate number of short films in competition.

Overall Rating
  • complimenti al festival, grazie per la menzione ai mio film, e BRAVI!!! per tutto, per l’organizzazione, l’impegno, la creatività nel costruire l’evento, la comunicazione, la cordialità e la simpatia, a presto, al prossimo Ortometraggio!

    September 2022
  • Gargantua Film Distribution

    Thanks for having our films at your beautiful event! We wish you great success in the future!

    October 2021
  • Thank you to Carlo Conversano and all the people involved in the Festival. Beautiful location, great people, first rate stories. Well worth being there.

    September 2021
  • I couldn't arrive personally to the venue, but thank you so much for having my film in the programme. Great communication and programming. Merci!

    September 2021
  • lily gontard

    I was honored to have my film chosen for the OrtometraggiFilmFestival. I wish I could've attended, but maybe another year.

    September 2021