Hungarian visual artist from Brasov, Transylvania (Romania), working mainly in the fields of photography and videography for 10 years. She studied at the University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca - obtaining her master's degree in photography. She attended a scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (Poland), at the multimedia department.
She is an active member of the local cultural scene, supporting the cutting-edge initiatives arising on the artistic horizon of Brasov. She is the founder of Bohemian Cultural Association – it’s greatest achievement being the organization of the Urban Culture Festival „Bohemian Square” in Brasov, between 2013-2015. She advocated several educational and charitable events and was invited as jury member in a couple of photography competitions.
Her activities carried out over the last years are characterized by a progressive perception regarding life and art. Themes that she researches are the subjective realities and the notions of time, motion and the human body – which provides her a vast ground for making inquiries and searching of possible answers. She also aims at interdisciplinary works by collaborating with artists from other medias, such as choreographers, actors and musicians.
As our Universe expands, everything is in constant motion and metamorphosis from order to disorder and people change as well within their microcosm, due to unforeseen life events or conscious choices.
The particular manners of my upbringing and the raw effects of the external world bare the results of an aesthetic melting-pot that defines the way I see life and mirrors in my visual utterance. Becoming a better version of myself is the drive that guides both my personal and professional life at the present.
Photography was always my aid of self enunciation and I try to make my voice heard through my work, my imagery being my figurative language. Observation is both a method and a goal in my work in order to refine my understanding of the world and the capacity to reflect it. I consider art a means of (re)creating personal realities, thus offering endless possibilities.
1st Prize - Dance Performance of the Year: Blooming Migdals (Dir. AnaMaria Guguian, I Dance You), Brasov, 2018;
Finalist - Portraits Without Faces, international photography contest, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, HUNGARY, 2018;
Finalist - Octavian Radu Topai Award - national architecture photography contest, Timişoara, 2017;
1st Prize -, photography contest, 2015;
1st Prize - Quantuum Romania, national photography competition, Cluj-Napoca, 2012;
1st Prize - ErKE, Transylvanian Lightpainters' Association, photography competition, Cluj-Napoca, 2010;
1st Prize - European Kaleidoscope - category winner, representing Romania; Copenhagen, DENMARK, 2009;
1st Prize - Brassai Association photo contest, Brasov, 2007;
1st Prize - Brassai Association short video contest, Brasov, 2007;
(E)motions - contemporary dance photography and video project, German Cultural Center Brasov, 2018;
Perform(d)ance - photography, Reduta Cultural Center, Brasov, 2018;
Tribute to Frida Kahlo - photographic project, Rope Street Museum, Brasov, 2017;
Monu-ART - documentary photography project, Bohemian Photo Studio, Brasov, 2016;
Twigs - photographic series, Bohemian Square - Urban Culture Festival, Brasov, 2015;
Tribute to Frida Kahlo - M8 Contemporary Art Gallery, Brasov, 2014;
Heritage of Communism - documentary photography project, County Museum, Târgu Mureş, 2014;
Tribute to Frida Kahlo - FatzaDa, Festival of Urban Arts and Culture, Brasov, 2013;
Tribute to Frida Kahlo - Hirscher Residence, Brașov, 2013;
Heritage of Communism – FatzaDa, Festival of Arts and Culture Urban, Brasov, 2012;
Conceptual installation Birds - Fatzada Street Fest, Brasov, 2012;
Chuchotements des Femmes - one man show, Bistro de l’Arte, Brasov, 2010;
Existence in Silence - House of Hope, Brasov, 2007;
(E) motions - contemporary dance video Andra's World, German Cultural Center Brasov, 2018;
Sciefest, science and creative industries festival - experimental film projections, Brasov, 2017;
Elevation - visuals for the concert of Lucian Ban, jazz musician, Reduta Cultural Center, Brasov, 2013;
Cineclub Brasov - video portfolio, KunStadt experimental film evening, Casa Baiulescu, Brasov, 2013;
Filmul de Piatra, film festival - participation with the short film, Piatra Neamt and Bucharest, 2011;
MAFF, Animation and Poster Festival - partcipation with „The Tower of Babel”, Oradea, 2010;
VIPP, ARTileria projections - participation with the short film “Any Barbara”, Cluj-Napoca, 2010;
Expo Transilvania - presentation of diploma work „Any Barbara”, Cluj-Napoca, 2008;
BEST Film Festival - participation with „Us and the EU” animation, Brasov, 2007;
The One minute, Dutch Film Festival - participation with “Hidden Self”, 2007;
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