Ornet Aura (Ornaments/Jewelry Brand)

Ornet Aura is a premium ornament brand that exudes sophistication and elegance. Its logo, beautifully set against a backdrop of soft baby pink, showcases the artful representation of a female's half face. This portrayal emphasizes a detailed eye that seems to capture the beholder's attention. Accompanying the face is an intricately designed hairstyle, flowing in lustrous waves, rendered in a radiant golden gradient color. This combination not only establishes a luxurious appeal but also encapsulates the brand's commitment to aesthetics and detail.

  • Farhan Labib
  • Elias Sunny
  • Country of Origin:
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Artist Biography

Farhan Labib is a "Wannabe Marketer" from Bangladesh.

Farhan Labib's journey begins in Dhaka, a city rich in history and culture, where he was born and raised. Yet, his heart remains anchored to his hometown of Gopalgonj. Dhaka molded his early years and interests. Farhan's academic foundation of studying science was set at Ideal School and College in Motijheel, which is regarded not just for its educational quality but also as a landmark institution in Bangladesh.

Initially, Farhan ventured into the realm of research. Yet, destiny had other plans, leading him to the captivating world of business. This pivotal transition from science to business marked the onset of an incredible journey. He then pursued further studies in business at Dhaka College, a historically significant college noted for creating luminaries. The vast world of marketing, with its boundless creative potential and dynamic nature, called to him, and Farhan eagerly responded. The fascination of sales and marketing captured him and he took his major in “Sales & Marketing” while completing his Bachelor's in Business at American International University Bangladesh (AIUB).

Though he labels himself a “wannabe marketer,” his endeavors paint a picture of a budding visionary. His startup, IAdverts, offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions, ranging from social media planning to content creation to product photography, showcasing a comprehensive approach to digital branding, which is at a pause now. Currently, Farhan is affiliated with ADomination, a privately held agency dedicated to molding brand and digital perceptions.

As a newbie in the vast landscape of marketing, Farhan's journey is characterized by exploration, learning, and an unwavering commitment to his passion. His collaborations with various clients and ties with a few prominent Bangladeshi companies are just the beginning chapters of a promising story.

Even though he dubs himself a “wannabe marketer”, those familiar with Farhan’s work recognize his zeal, commitment, and the unique flair he contributes to branding. Now, he wants to make a visible preference in “Corporate Sales”. To Farhan Labib, each day represents a chance to evolve, learn, and move closer to the marketing zenith he yearns to reach.

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