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Originality Is Dead

When a narcissistic sociopath receives the sudden news that her mother is not well, she goes to extreme lengths to prove herself as an indigenous fashion designer in NYC.

  • Vanesa Moreno Herrera
    Let's Make Jam
  • Carolina Campos Hernandez
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    Short Script
  • Genres:
    drama, thriller
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Vanesa Moreno Herrera, Carolina Campos Hernandez

Vanesa Moreno is a 24 year old Bolivian-American filmmaker and photographer. Using her personal experiences and Gen-Z brain, she aims to tell poignant stories of the immigrant experience, depressed bisexuals, and complex relationship dynamics. She courageously centers her narrative writings around identity, love, community and family. She loves to take pictures on her film cameras, unwind by cooking a good meal up in the kitchen and anxiously tries to write scripts in her free time.

Carolina Campos is a first gen Salvadoreña pursuing writing and film. She's interested in making impactful and emotional films that leave the viewers with new perspectives and thoughts. She hopes to inspire other Latino creatives and create a bigger community within us.

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Writer Statement

Us being really into fashion and styling brought us to the idea of creating a character who looks like us and can represent our community. We think it's so rare for any show or feature to showcase a latina who is also an artist. We really liked the idea of exploring the fashion industry and what it is like to be an outsider in such a competitive market. We wanted to establish a real female character and where her anger and perfectionism comes from, where in our character's case, some of it is deeply related to family and parental figures. We're very interested in creating women of color characters who are flawed and messy and this story fit our vision perfectly with what we had in mind.