The Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival is a bi-annual event on the Film Festival Circuit that screens international independent Horror Films, Horror Comedy, Dark Drama, experimental horror and Dark Science Fiction films in Portland. This event was founded by author and retired filmmaker Mikel Fair who worked on location in the Film and Television industry from 1999-2015. Multiple short films are screened in a "back to back" format in HD 1080p at the 5th Avenue Cinema on the campus of Portland State University. The northwest USA has a great horror genre fan base. Films that make people scream, are creepy and even those that poke fun at the Horror genre are loved by the audience. The film screenings are a lot of fun, in addition, this is a great opportunity to network with filmmakers, screenwriters, crew, actors and industry professionals at our Awards and Filmmaker Networking Mixer event.

20 Awards For Film

Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Drama Film
Best Dark Drama Micro Film*
Best Director
Best Editing
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Experimental Horror Film
Best Experimental Horror Micro Film*
Best Horror Film
Best Horror Micro Film*
Best Horror Comedy Film
Best Horror Comedy Micro Film*
Best International Director
Best International Micro Film*
Best Oregon Film
Best Oregon Micro Film*
Most Original Concept
Single Scariest Moment
*1-6 minutes in length

12 Awards For Screenplays

Best Dark Drama Short Screenplay
Best Dark Drama Feature Length Screenplay
Best Dark Science Fiction Short Screenplay
Best Dark Science Fiction Feature Length Screenplay
Best Horror Short Screenplay
Best Horror Feature Length Screenplay
Best Horror Comedy Short Screenplay
Best Horror Comedy Feature Length Screenplay
Best International Short Screenplay
Best International Feature Length Screenplay
Best Oregon Short Screenplay
Best Oregon Feature Screenplay

All films and screenplays are eligible, regardless if they have distribution or not. All films are eligible even if they have been accepted to other film festivals. All films and videos are eligible, regardless of when or where they were produced. Even if your film, web series or music video is publicly available on YouTube or Vimeo, it is still eligible for submission. For exhibition purposes. all films are expected to provide a download link, so that we can compile and project them in HD 1080p. 23.976, 24, 25 or 30 frame rates are accepted and will be converted to 23.976 for projection. Please do not submit 720p or Standard Definition films to this festival.

Overall Rating
  • Justin Jackson

    Thank you so much for making my short screenplay a finalist. I hope everyone is safe and I look forward to your next competition!

    March 2020
  • Kevin Beauchamp

    While we would have loved to attend the festival, we were working on a new project that kept us away.

    With that said, the correspondence from Mikel was fantastic. Incredibly informative and helpful.

    This festival is the real deal and we will submit all of our future horror projects here.

    Much love to Mikel and the OSWHFF team!!!

    January 2020
  • Luana Di Pasquale

    Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival is the BEST! Unfortunately, I was not able to participate. However, communication has been top-notch since day 1 and super helpful - they also changed the time slot for the screening of our film to accommodate my representative who has lovely children and she could not make it to the event too late at night! Then KEEP MUM won the best international director award and we will be always honored and grateful for that! We love Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival! Thank you!!!

    December 2019
  • This is a terrific festival. I was highly impressed each step of the way.

    December 2019
  • Thank you for selecting Shadow at the Door to be a part of Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival. Big thank you to Mikel and the team.. ya'll were awesome!

    December 2019