Founded in 2018, the Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival will continue to screen the hottest, scariest and even the funniest Horror Short films on the Film Festival Circuit in 2020. There is a loyal Horror Film fanbase in the city of Portland that is waiting to see a new slate of Oregon, US and International films at the historic 5th Avenue Cinema. We accept films from any country or US State, and in any language, as long as it is subtitled in English. There is an appetite for films, especially in the Northwest, that make people scream, freak out and get their hearts racing. That is why we created Oregon Scream Week. Would you like to screen your film for an audience that appreciates horror films and other dark genres? Many of the “mainstream” festivals out there may not appreciate your film or screenplay in ways that our panel of twelve judges is looking for. Sick humor, twisted stories, psychotic thrillers and horrifying moments are our specialty. Is your film ready for a theatrical release in Portland, Oregon? Please take a look at our awards list, we have plenty of opportunities for the creativity of your film or screenplay to be acknowledged. We also have special categories for Horror Comedy Films, that get great reactions for our audience.

Good acting, directing, cinematography and sound effects that stir up emotions are what we are looking for. At our first event, nearly half of the films screened were international films, many of them subtitled. We just want the best of the best, we don't care where it comes from.

23 Awards will be selected by the judges to recognize outstanding work and creativity.

Best Action Sequence Award
Best Actor Award
Best Actress Award
Best Animated Film Award
Best Cinematography Award
Best Director Award
Best Ensemble Cast Award
Best Experimental Film Award
Best Film Editing Award
Best Oregon Film Award
Best Oregon Screenplay Award
Best Horror Film Award
Best Horror Film Screenplay Award
Best Horror Comedy Short Film
Best Horror Comedy Feature Film
Best International Director Award
Best International Film Award
Best Micro Short Film Award (less than 6 minutes)
Best Original Music Award
Best Science Fiction Award
Best Supporting Actor Award
Best Supporting Actress Award
Single Scariest Moment

Each film submitted to the Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival is carefully screened and ranked by 12 independent judges that will watch every minute of each film from beginning to end. We are looking for engaging stories, great production value, good cinematography, creative music and clean audio. Our short film program is compiled and projected in NTSC HD 1080p. 23.976, 24, 25 and 29.97 formats are qualified. All films are eligible, even If your film is publicly available online, has screened at other film festivals or is currently being distributed. We do not restrict submissions in any way. This festival pre-screens all film submissions digitally. Please do not ship DVD’s or other materials to our office unless requested.

Overall Rating
  • Martin Richmond

    Stunned and still reeling to win the International Short Screenplay award. The support and communication from Mikel Fair was outstanding the whole way through and my only regret is not being able to attend and thank him in person. Oregon Scream Week deserves a top ranking of all the festivals.

    December 2019
  • Michael Marceau

    Honored to have won best int'l feature !

    December 2019
  • Darren Hawkins

    This is a perspective from non local film maker, so being an international entrant, of course, I was unable to participate in the really cool stuff like being there and networking.

    What I really LOVED about Oregon Scream and what I think puts it right up there with any MUST ENTER festival is the communication from the event organising team.

    THIS is what makes any international film maker feel like he'she is not just someone contributing to the running costs (as some festivals do), but you're a valued part of the festival.

    If you're a film maker and CONSIDERING entering the festival, stop right now and ENTER THE FESTIVAL ! YUP! STOP CONSIDERING AND DO IT!!

    Regardless of whether you're an official selection, a award nominee or an award winner, this festival will make you feel valued.

    I know any future films I have that fit the festival's charter, OREGON SCREAM WEEK HORROR FILM FESTIVAL will always be one of the first stops on my film festival list.

    Hopefully I can be in the country and be local for the next one!


    December 2019
  • Jason Lor

    Wonderful festival. I got to see some amazing films and meet some very talented filmmakers. Mikel and the rest of the staff were very friendly and always kept me up to date for the event. My short horror screenplay "SLEEP" got nominated and won the best short horror screenplay. Looking forward to submitting this festival again and meeting more talented filmmakers.

    December 2019
  • This is a great festival. I wasn't able to attend, but the communication from day one was fantastic and they posted a lot of content everyday to social media, so it felt like I was there. in general, the people who run the festival are really nice, I highly recommend submitting to them!

    August 2019