The creators of the Oregon Short Film Festival launched this festival in 2017 to specifically target the Portland Documentary Film audience. The Oregon Short Film Festival screens all genres of films, but we noticed through our research and attendee feedback, that the documentary films that we screened were the most popular. After the success of our 2017 and 2018 screenings, we feel like 2019 will be our most popular event ever. The event takes place at 5th Avenue Cinemas on the campus of Portland State University downtown.

Each film submitted to the Oregon Documentary Film Festival is carefully screened and ranked by 12 independent judges that will watch every minute of each film from beginning to end. We are looking for engaging stories, great production value, good cinematography, creative music and clean audio. Unlike other film festivals that may be screened in an empty classroom or on a cheap hotel projector, the Oregon Documentary Film Festival is screened in a professional movie theater. Our short film program is compiled and projected on 1080p Blu Ray DVD. This festival pre-screens all film submissions digitally. Please do not ship DVD’s or other materials to our office unless requested.

Overall Rating
  • Andy Ridgway

    Even though this is still a relatively new festival that's still finding its legs (just the second event as of 2018), it attracted a crowd that was passionate about documentary films, inquisitive and insightful during Q&A sessions, and very respectful and appreciative toward the filmmakers. The film selection was varied and interesting, and the organizer, Mikel, was a pleasure to work with. I can only see this festival growing in size and stature in the future as the word spreads.

    June 2018
  • We had a wonderful experience from beginning to end participating in the Oregon Documentary Film Festival. Our film THE JOY BLOCK was nominated in 3 categories and won best director for a short film. Mikel was wonderful in communicating and everyone who attended commented on how much they enjoyed the films and hospitality! Highly recommend!!

    June 2018
  • Kris Jones

    This festival is the bomb! Mikel does such a great job of connecting with each of the filmmakers and creating a meaningful experience for all. The quality of the films is top notch. You can tell this festival is driven through passion for film.

    May 2018
  • We were delighted to be nominated for Best Cinematography, and for all the work that went into promoting the films before the festival. Although I could not attend the organisers were great to communicate with and my impression is that it is an excellent event.

    December 2017