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Roosevelt and Idanea have been trying to get pregnant for over a year with no luck.  One day Roosevelt receives a mysterious package sent by his brother Pete from Nigeria, a statue of the Yoruban Goddess of fertility, pleasure, and the river, Oshun to aid in their baby-making mission. The couple is warned to be careful of what they wish for "sexual energy is potent." 
The couple has a passionate night of lovemaking under the Oshun statue's omniscient gaze it takes them to a void, where they must choose between two souls to bring life to their unborn child.

  • Roosevelt Davis
  • Yerania Del Orbe
    La Santera
  • Yerania Del Orbe
    La Santera
  • Juanita Venegas Carvajal
    Graphic Designer
    La Santera
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    Short Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Roosevelt Davis

Roosevelt Davis is an actor, screenwriter, and producer known for American Gangster (2007), La Santera (2020), OZ (1997-2003), Hunters (2020), and The Night Of (2016) Roosevelt is the son of a Vietnam veteran and a Haitian immigrant mother. Born and raised multi-lingual in Woodside and Jamaica Queens. he enrolled at John Jay College for Criminal Justice but soon left the CUNY institution. Upon discovering a passion for acting, Roosevelt is a New York NightLife veteran know on the scene as “Rosie” he has worked as a bouncer and Doorman at some of NYC’s hottest clubs and lounges. He has written and created several scripts that have garnered attention. In the summer of 2020, he launched Life In Thought Media LLC. La Santera, 2020, The Elijah Project, 2019, QUEENZ, 2020, Jungle Crooks, 2019, Birth of Her Power, 2021

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Writer Statement

Black history, most times it is relegated to slavery, servitude, oppression, and ascension through America’s social Echelons via the civil rights movement as if our very existence started in the bellies of those brutal slave ships. And Black culture, America’s number one export, is usually relegated to sports, entertainment, and the arts in general. My creative point of view from the beginning was to change the aforementioned Narratives. So Orcosmic and any other project I’ve created thus far is a culmination of the reading and contemplation that I have done on Black history( before they put us in chains) and culture. The more you dig, the more you find, and the truth is, there are a lot of unturned stones in the culturally and historically rich black soil of the Diaspora.
A piece of my ethnic history inspired Orcosmic. I’m Haitian, and during the Haitian revolution, the rebelling slaves held a Voodoo ceremony at Bois Caiman that blessed their rebellion and gave them the confidence to move forward. The ceremony itself was proof that we can accomplish great things when we unite and align with our ancient spiritual beliefs. Remember, our Ancestors didn’t pray to Jesus during the middle passage. Orcosmic is a metaphor for this very point, Our couple connects with a piece of their history, and when they do, something magical happens.
In this day and age of “Oscars so white” and other hashtags that dominate the Twittersphere decrying racial inequality and lack of inclusivity, the world is ready to hear a different kind of story, better yet, the same story just from another point of view. The biggest misconception is that Black or Latin creatives make and create content for Black and Latin audiences. So if Speilberg, Scorcese, and Tarantino create art for us all to enjoy, why would a piece written and directed by a person of color “POC” be considered only for POC audiences? Well, I am here to say that we, the Black and Latinx creatives, target the world with our art. So if I choose to marry the Egyptian high sciences to a story about a kid from the projects, I can do that because it’s mine, just a Black urban version of superman. If I choose to take the stories and slang from the 90’s crack era and combine it with Warner Brothers-type animated characters, I can do that because it is part of my collective Black experience; it’s just an edgier, adult version of the Animaniacs. Like I said before, the same story different point of view, nothing is new under the sun, so let us have our time in the light.
Roosevelt Davis