Opposite Sides

A lesbian surgeon battles through years of bullying, homophobia and sexism to come out during the intolerant climate of the AIDS pandemic.

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    United States
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  • Female Eye Film Festival
    Toronto, Canada
    June 8, 2022
    Official Selection
  • San Francisco Indie Fest
    San Francisco, CA
    January 10, 2022
    Semifinalist Feature Screenplay
  • Emerging Screenwriters Competition
    International Screenwriters' Association
    May 3, 2022
  • Fast Track Fellowship Competition
    International Screenwriters' Association
    October 5, 2021
  • Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival
    Rhode Island
    October 3, 2022
    Semilfinalist Screenplay Competition
  • Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards
    Los Angeles
    July 15, 2022
  • California Women's Film Festival
    Tarzana, California
    December 19, 2022
    Finalist Feature Screenplay
  • San Francisco International Screenwriting Competition
    San Francisco, CA
    December 8, 2022
    Quarter-Finalist Feature Screenplay
Writer Biography

Kim Broderick took a circuitous route to screenwriting.  More than thirty years ago, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Social and Public Policy from Duquesne University.

Subsequently, she enjoyed a twenty-five-year career in law enforcement. She retired as a Deputy Chief Probation Officer in San Diego County. Throughout her career, Kim valued helping others prevail, despite unfortunate and often oppressive circumstances.

In 2020, Kim completed her first screenplay, Opposite Sides. It has placed in a number of competitions including, a finalist at the California Women's Film Festival 2023, and an official selection of The Female Eye Film Festival 2022.

Kim is passionate and committed to writing compelling stories that explore the complexities of human relationships.  Her goal is to expose audiences to voices that have been traditionally excluded from the film industry.  Kim lives in San Diego, California.

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Writer Statement

Opposite Sides is based loosely on my story. It highlights the struggles our LGBTQ+ predecessors endured, appreciating the road to progress, but also asks us to consider the work that remains to be done.

Opposite Sides is a period piece that takes place during the AIDS pandemic. A strong, character-driven female contends with sexism and homophobia in the workplace. Parallels between the AIDS and 2020 pandemics, make it extra timely. This story is different, as compared with other stories about oppression, because it shows how people struggle on different planes.

The respect for marriage act, in the United States, codified same-sex marriage and religious liberty. It's noteworthy, however, that same-sex marriage is legal in only 32 of 195 countries. Furthermore, an uptick in hate crimes has heightened fears among the LGBTQ+ community. These issues are at the heart of Opposite Sides, making it a screenplay that is timely and germane.