we have a team of professional entertainment artists who have a lot of experience in the fields of competition. We also provide opportunity to be exposed through our YOU TUBE channel to a worldwide audience after we publish the winners in our website. Because of the access to all lines of production, our studios also select the best work in screenplay, film and music video to be produced and exposed to the distributors.

Prices and special awards

2: Every annual winner on each category will receive the following:

Best feature film award 

Best short film award

Best music video award

Best screenplay award
Best  Feature award
Best Documentary award
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Feature award
Best Director Feature  award
Best actor film award
Best Short Film 
Best Documentary 
Best Animated Short 
Best Short
Best Horror / Sci-Fi Short
Best Music Video 

Screenplay Award categories:
Best Feature Screenplay 
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay 
Best Short Screenplay 

All details of our rules, regulations, prices and deadlines can be seen on our website
oneworldperformingarts.net We don't accept previous submitted material.