For more than ten years now the One Minute Film & Video Festival is held annually in Aarau and allows one-minute films to take the centre stage. As the name already says, the festival focuses exclusively on films that do not exceed a maximum duration of 60 seconds – it has done so since its founding in 2004. In multiple categories a jury gives out the awards and two special awards are the highly coveted audience awards whose winners are chosen by the audience.

Of all submitted films a long list of 40 films in each category is drawn up that will be presented in the competition. A jury then nominates the best three films in each category and announces the winner in the award presentation.

In three categories the best one-minute film will be chosen:
- Feature and documentary film
- Art and experimental film
- Animation

In two categories the best films from younger people will be awarded:
- U20
- U20 School Projects

In all of the competition blocks each audience member receives a voting card to vote for its favorite film. The film that gets the most votes in the categories feature and documentary film, art and experimental film and animation receives the award for the Best One Minute Film. The film that gets the most votes in the categories U20 and U20 School Project wins the award for the Best One Minute U20 film.

The winners in the categories Best Argovian Film and Best Film Ü65 are chosen by the jury.

International Competition:
Best Film feature & documentary film: 750.–
Best Film art & experimental film: 750.–
Best Film Animation: 750.–

U20 Films:
Best Film U20: 500.–
Best Film U20 School Projects: 500.–

Audience Awards:
Best One Minute Film: 1000.–
Best One Minute Film U20: 500.–

Other Prices:
Best Argovian Film: 1000.– (Local filmmakers)
Best Film Ü65: 500.– (filmmakers over 65)

Conditions of Participation
The submition of a film means to accept the following conditions of participation.

1. Rights
The submitter guarantees that the submitted film does not infringe copyright laws regarding filmmaterial and used music.

2. Submition
a) Submitted films must provide film titles and names of the filmmakers. b) Films can be submitted online on
c) The following formats are accepted: AVCHD, MPEG, AVI, MOV.

3. Competition & Jury
In each category the jury will award one film. There are two audience awards: Best One Minute Film and Best One Minute Film U20. The Jury additionally choses the best film in the category Ü65 and the best Argovian film. The choice of the jury and the audience are not contestable.

4. Fees
There are no fees regarding the submition.

5. Tickets
a) For each film we give out one festivalticket in general.
b) Foreign visitors will get multiple passes for friends they bring along.
c) In the categories U20 und U20 Schoolprojects all participants will get festivaltickets.
d) The decisions regarding the tickets at the festival are not contestable.

6. Usage of the film
With the submiton the filmmaker accepts the following usage of his film: a) Sharing the film to other festials as part of a selection.
b) Sharing the film to TV-stations for coverage about the festival.
c) Additional screenings.

All listed usages are of a non-profit nature.
The rights to the film remain in the hands of the filmmaker.

7. Deadline