One Goes Astray

1870s, the American West. Vigilante Rose chases outlaw Charlie Digger to his hideout. But what seems like an easy job quickly turns into a confrontation with her sombre past.

  • Marie de Roüalle
  • David Lester
  • Matthias Pachner
    100 Meters, The Devil in Her Eyes
  • Alyssa McGuire
    Key Cast
  • Cosette Bolt
    Key Cast
  • Brendan Nelson
    Key Cast
  • Gordon J. Millar
    Key Cast
  • James Hay
    Supporting Cast
  • Ryan O'Neill
    Supporting Cast
  • Jill Roberts
    Supporting Cast
  • Elias Nygard
  • Ash Soloman Mills
  • Riona Stewart
    Production Designer
  • Holly Firkins
    Costume Designer
  • Logan Eason
    Sound Designer
  • Isabell Baughman
    1st AD
  • John Kelbie
    3rd AD
  • Paul Morgan
    Camera Operator
  • Jalaj Kishore
    1st AC
  • Gonçalo Góis
    2nd AC
  • Sean Monroe
    Lighting Assistant
  • Whitman Stanfield-Myers
    Lighting Assistant
  • Heather Maxwell
    Stills Photographer
  • Daisy Paton
    Make-Up Artist
  • Morven McLeod
    Art Director
  • Imogen Grieve
    Assistant Set Decorator
  • Molly Richardson
    Costume Design Assistant
  • Bonnie Sanderson
    Costume Design Assistant
  • Rowen Henderson
    Costume Design Assistant
  • Logan Eason
    Sound Mixer
  • Olivia Sheed
    Boom Operator
  • Diego Edmond Raillard
    Continuity Supervisor
  • Elias Nygard
  • Ash Soloman Mills
  • Diego Edmond Raillard
    Assistant Editor
  • Oliver Forsyth
    Production Assistant
  • Oliwia Szostka
    Production Assistant
  • Esther Elbornova
    Social Media Manager
  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Runtime:
    12 minutes 17 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 27, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Country of Filming:
    United Kingdom
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - Edinburgh Napier University
Director Biography - Marie de Roüalle

Marie was eight when her parents introduced her to French cinema and her first Hollywood classics; from then on, she was hooked. A native of France, she first pursued filmmaking in high school as a higher level subject for her International Baccalaureate.
After earning a Bachelor in Film Studies and Philosophy in the United States, she came to Edinburgh to pursue a Masters in Directing at Screen Academy Scotland and tackle the reality of directing in the professional world.
One Goes Astray is her final graduation film project, an ambitious idea that she was able to bring to life with her hard-working team. As a director, she likes to explore family relationship in extraordinary contexts, something that this film addresses with originality.

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Director Statement

The idea for this film came to me suddenly on a cold January morning of 2022. A stereotypical scene in a Western saloon appeared in my mind and I wrote it. Nothing original apart from the fact that the hero was a heroine.
I put it aside and didn’t think of it until the end of 2022 as I started to realise that my Masters was halfway done and I needed to prepare for the final project.
Once more, the Western idea surfaced. Why? To me one of the wonders of cinema, and of any art form, is the ability to create a story-world that draws the viewer to it despite being foreign to them at the beginning. Period dramas, epics, fantasies, science fiction and foreign films appeal to broad audiences. There is something true, something real and mysterious that links us to the past, the imaginary and the dream.
Why is it and how does it work? Brilliant essayists have attempted to answer these questions and I am not suggesting that I have one myself, but in deciding to make this Western, I wanted to play with this fascinating notion. A strange world, something out of our ordinary, that nonetheless resonates with us. After all, cinema is about bringing people together, even if it is simply between one character and the spectator. This “mysterious link” was the catalyst for the already formed idea in my mind.
I went over the short scene I had written and tried to imagine how this small Western bubble could take a turn into something less stereotypical. Again, I found the answer in the “mysterious link”. The heroine gained an estranged sister. Starting from a small outline, the story became a script. Our team’s goal was to play with the stereotypes of Western to create a more nuanced and approachable world that the audience could recognise as its own. The saloon, the cowboys, the horses and guns are all present but so is the bond between Rose and Jane. We want this sibling relationship to bring out the humanity of this foreign western world. It is said that identification helps the viewer connect to the story. I cannot help but point again at the word relationship. They are responsible for that “mysterious link”, for keeping our love for certain movies and specific characters alive long after we’ve watched them on screen. In my opinion, that’s the essence of a story and that is what One Goes Astray attempts to do.
This film is a gamble. It’s a risk we took because we wanted to show that the passion of new filmmakers can confront never-ending obstacles and make crazy ideas happen. It was and is an ambitious project. It is not perfect but it is the perfect teacher for all of us involved. We have made mistakes and we have learned so much from them. And I can only hope that we will continue to do so, no matter how little or much we contribute to cinema.