On a sad note

suicide is not an option
no matter how hard you think your life is
no matter what your going through
you still and would always matter
you are unique
you are special
be strong
I love you
We love you

used to be rich
I had a car a house a wife a couple of kids
I buy em gifts
we were so happy and then no nobody could ever compete
we live like kings
my wife she sexy and I really love her woman of ma dreams
forgive my sins
about to tell you the story of how I lost everything

I had a job I was so greatful
earning 6 figures and I was so thankful
then it all happened out of the blues
I lost my job cause I broke the rules

don't know how my wife is gon take the news
I probably should tell her now am getting chills
how ever are we gonna pay the bills
been keeping the secret I know that it kills

now I just told her
hands on my shoulder
she looked in my eyes said we getting older
that I should have told her
the moment it happened
am sorry it's late but I wanted to tell you
but I couldn't tell you
didnt want you to worry
we in this together
she left in a hurry
packed up her bags
and she took the kids
tears in her eyes she told me she's sorry

am all alone
depression they kicked it
sat on the floor in my home
calling her phone
one minute she picked it
and she yells leave me alone
alcohol zone
feeling sorry for my self
just want my family home
am all alone
my demons they smiling
am screaming on top of my tone
picked up the gun

went to my car
put the key into ignition
and then i started it up
driving so fast
me and emotions are racing
I see the demons they chasing
hearts beating fast
what's gonna be my next move
I think I should rob a bank
isn't that bad
damn I do not give a fuck
all I want is my wife back

got to the bank
as I was about to go in
phone buzz and I got a text
its from my ex -wife
she wanna divorce
I thought things couldn't get worst
all that I feel now is lost
who in the world could I trust
feelings are just
emotions thats pulling me back
started my car and went back

entered my house
sat on the floor
am hearing whispers
pick up the gun
couldn't resist
I picked it up
gun at my head
bout to blow up
can't pull the trigger
then I stood up

I got a text
its from my friends
they sent me a picture
my wife and my friend
they getting married
is this how it ends

picked up my phone
called my ex wife
she picked am yelling am ending my life
can't live like this
cause you are my life
and you left so I probably cannot survive

and she said please do not do anything crazy
that she's on her way she's coming to save me
and then I asked would you be my lady
she told me she's already having his baby

I dropped the phone
fell to the ground
tears from my eyes I probably could drown
thinking of her in a white wedding gown
got on my knees and then I sat down

I looked at the gun as it sat on the table
and then I said I think this my time
I picked it up now my finger on the trigger
pressure increase then I hear a sound

she got in the house
was lying in the pool of my blood
and I could barely talk
I was praying to God

forgive my sins
accept my soul
I know that I did you wrong
but I couldn't take anymore
I couldn't take it anymore

  • Emmanuel john
  • Bobbizy
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  • Length:
    3 minutes 36 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 19, 2021
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John emmanuel popularly know as bobbizy is a rapper, singer,and songwriter. He is from nigeria in africa he does hip hop/rap ,trap, emo rap, rnb/soul . he has released over 10 songs on all streaming platforms and has an album to his name . he is 19 years of age and live music with his life and is mostly passionate about changing and touching people lives .

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I want my music to touch and change lives .