The Oklahoma Black Music Festival (OBMF) is an umbrella of T.A.P Inc, a 501 C3 Organization whose mission is:
To scout, coordinated and show case African American & different genres. Our Organizations supports music collaborations from music directors, producers, executive producers, engineers, and music of all races that supports and empowers and includes the African American community through out Oklahoma, the United States and over seas .

The festival was created to bring unity to the Oklahoma City area and create a pipeline of entertainment for Oklahoma. It was also created for networking, collaborating, development and supporting purposes across the United States.

Our judges evaluate the quality of the submitting music for, creativity, sound and music flow.

All selected nominees will be invited to our Event and to perform at our live music event and given the opportunity to meet people from the same industry.

All selected and winning nominees will be contacted by the OBMF team a month prior to the event with further information.

1. The music has to be creative.
2. The music has to be original.
3. No profanity in the kids music tent and the main stage. If there is profanity in your music our programs will give your time on stage a "R" rating. Which may cause you an audience as this is a family event.
4. Sets can't be more than 45 minute. But some may be restricted to 30 min sets
5. Music Video cannot be any longer 4 minutes.
6. Participants must post, share, show, or promote the festival, PSA's, and/or music promotional video across their social media pages.
7. Must own instrumental and vocal rights to all music submitted
8. No RACIST/DISCRIMINATION behavior will be tolerated! This festival is to create unity across all mediums and you must subscribe to this!
9. All submitted materials must contain ratings.