OINK is a film festival designed to celebrate the work of young filmmakers, connect them to the larger media community, and encourage them to kick start their dreams.

Founded in 2016 by NKU students and faculty, OINK is excited to return in 2020! COVID can't hold us back from creating! Currently, OINK is planned as a week-long virtual event including workshops and screenings to be announced soon. Stay tuned for more information. We will keep you updated about this amazing event! OINK!

Awards handed out in every category, including Judges Choice, Mentor Award, and Audience Choice.

Only films made by NKU students and high school students in the Cincinnati, Kentucky, Indiana Tristate Area may submit to the OINK Film Festival.

Narrative: Any narrative work of fiction with a running time of 2 - 15 minutes, including films that are shot in a "mockumentary" style.

Documentary: Any non-fiction film with a running time of 2 - 15 minutes, not including entirely scripted or improvised fictionalizations of actual events.

Experimental/Expressive: Any film with a running time of 2 - 15 minutes that doesn’t follow the traditional methods of narrative or documentary storytelling.

Screenplay: Any original screenplay with a reading time of 2-15 minutes can be submitted. All genres are welcome!

Mentor Award: This award goes to an advisor or mentor who has had a big impact on a student's creative expression and growth as a filmmaker. Each student entry can include a nomination for this award. Write a one-page testimonial as to why your nominee should receive this award and email it to oinkfilmfest@gmail.com.

Overall Rating
  • Brian Erdman

    Great event! It was great to have my work shown and for it to be so well received by the audience.

    January 2020
  • Amazing festival for High Schoolers!

    November 2019