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Of Vampire Born

A woman working as a night nurse is, in fact, one of the last of her kind of mystical vampires. When the bigoted modern inquisition kidnaps her eight-year-old daughter, she’s forced into an epic battle in order to get her back.

  • Iannis Aliferis
    Only Love Matters
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    Action, supernatural
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  • Student Project:
    Mumbai, India
    July 8, 2023
    Award Winner/Best Feature Script
  • Washington Film Awards
    Washington, USA
    July 28, 2023
    Finalist/Best Screenplay
  • Dreamz Catcher International film festival
    Kolkata, India
    July 31, 2023
    Award Winner/Best screenplay
Writer Biography - Iannis Aliferis

Iannis is a multi-award-winning writer and filmmaker. His romantic dramedy script "Only Loves Matters" won a Gold Award for Original Screenplay from the Hollywood Gold Awards, the film of which is currently undergoing a successful festival run, while his noir thriller screenplay “Samantha Rutledge P.I, A Killer Case” was a Semi-Finalist at the Hong Kong Indie Film Festival 2021 and his romantic action comedy script “Valentina, Relationship Killer” won Best Unproduced Screenplay at the Berlin International Art Film Festival. Prior to that, his dramedy screenplay "Mary and Dionysus" was a Semi-Finalist at the Shore Scripts Feature Screenplay Competition 2018 as well as reaching the Quarterfinals at the 2019 Scriptapalooza Screenwriting competition and his short film "Headz" won a Gold Lion Award at the2016 London Film Awards. When not writing screenplays or making films, he scribes short stories and comic books. He also loves to eat and sleep. He’s a sucker for rakomelo, dark chocolate, and honey. Finally, he's a firm believer that humankind was at its best during the thousands of years of hunting and gathering but knows that, unfortunately, he wouldn't last two days alone in the wilderness.

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Writer Statement

Of Vampire Born is a story that is an amalgamation of three key components, those being mysticism, vampirism, and action/adventure. The tale takes place in the mid-nineties in the US but also features a large part of it in the Caribbean of the 1940s. In that sense, there is an aesthetic that brings to mind the 1986’s motion picture Highlander, in which we see the hero inhabit different timelines and lives. The protagonist is SOFIA who works as a doctor in a low-funded night hospital. The settings and time periods indicate a proposed film that will aim for a more traditional look to it, utilizing night shots, florescent lighting, and shadows, as well as exotic locations, and the color red will play an important part in the proceedings.
The vampirism of the screenplay is something that is presented in an interesting and arresting manner and linked directly to motherhood. In this universe, vampires have always been rebels, on the outskirts of society, hiding from authorities and preaching high ideals about unity and love. But, just like the human condition, there are those that do act out of a sense of brotherhood and selflessness and those that act out of hatred and fear. Thus, a vampire found here can be a shaman, a healer, or a philosopher but one can also find a terrifying beast.
The action and adventure aspects stem from the fact that the holy inquisition was formed first and foremost so they could eradicate the world from vampires. And they have successfully been doing so throughout the centuries. So, there is action that takes place in the story’s present (mid-nineties) as well as in the past, and it includes weapon fighting, martial arts, chases as well as supernatural moments.
Lastly, the mysticism aspect of the project is the one that will truly set it apart from similar cinematic expressions and one that will give it an added dimension. There are aspects of Gnosticism, augury, messianism, and perennial philosophy that are the backbone of this adventure but these are not presented in a dry and obvious manner but are organically woven into the narrative and present opportunities for visually compelling imagery.