Poetic revelation amidst despair.
Octavio Rombolá, born on November 3, 1994, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a music composer, producer, sound designer, and passionate filmmaker. From an early age, he demonstrated a deep passion for cinema, instilled by his father's love, and a great enthusiasm for popular music that led him to compose and write songs at a young age. His passion for the world of film and music led him to pursue two degrees: Music Production and Film Scoring.
After the tragic death of his father in 2014, the artist experienced a severe depression that distanced him from his personal creative and artistic musical side. He focused solely on composing music for TV campaigns, movies, and video games to survive, while simultaneously self-studying film, screenwriting, and photography. He created an experimental short film in the style of Dogma 95 called "Caniches de reserva," in which a group of drunken teenagers attempts to film Reservoir Dogs with a cellphone in one night. He also made a documentary titled "Le pietre rogalskys," capturing the three days he attended the Rolling Stones' three concerts.
In 2019, the artist reached his lowest point in depression and reached a weight of 130 kg. With the support of his loved ones, music, and cinema, he overcame his struggles and formed the experimental R&B solo project "Toro Roi" with his EP "" Currently, he is a student of the renowned Argentine director Raul Perrone and has completed his short film "Kagær aprés l'mōrphîng," for which he also composed the music. He is now in pre-production for his first feature film.
Birth Date
November 3, 1994
Birth City
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Current City
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Poetic revelation amidst despair.
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