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Two Brothers join the Military Force so that they can enter the battlefield and reach the enemy territory. Both with different motives, The eldest is brave, courageous, and strong and is also an espionage trained by the Indian Army, The man is tasked to reach the enemy territory and collect intel about the enemy by his commanding officer secretly without letting the government known. The man is also tasked to get his younger brother to the other side of the territory. The younger brother is naive, weak, fragile, and emotionally weak, He needs to leave his motherland because he cannot be left in the harsh land where only the strong stand high and the weak are used as a stepping stone. The elder brother is tasked with both, collecting information from the enemy and protecting his brother till he reaches the other side. Everything goes smoothly until they board the troopship and near the enemy land are attacked by the enemy aircraft, after the ship is attacked both brothers find themself on the enemy coast on the other side of the battle land, But they find themself stranded with another soldier who has disguised herself as a man to enter the enemy land so that she can also reach the other side to face her fate as an actor. The three decide to cooperate until they reach the other side. The story revolves around these people as the younger naive and weak is being protected by his elder strong and brave brother while being with the girl.

  • Anuj Ravindra Auti
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    Student, Screenplay
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  • Student Project:
    Yes - Sinhagad Spring Dale Public School
Writer - Anuj Ravindra Auti