Over The Real, created and directed by Maurizio Marco Tozzi, Lino
Strangis, Veronica D'Auria, presents since 2015 the most significant lines of
research that have emerged in recent years in the digital arts. Over The Real is connected to an important network of curators and participates in events all over the world.
Over The Real will take place in Lucca from 23th September to 1th October 2023

Main Award € 500,00 (open to all artists from around the world)
Toscana Under 30 € 300,00 (reserved for artists under 30 - born after 1993 - and/or residing within the Tuscany Region)

Artists interested in participating in the Festival must have reached the age of majority for the Main Award section, while for the Tuscany Under 30 section, artists aged between 14 and 17 can also participate with a consent signed in the form of a parent.

a) Each artist or group can present only one work and participate in only one of the two selections.
b) No works are accepted with a date prior to 2022.
c) The file should be labeled with title, length, year, and author.
d) You can send a download link to the video file.
e) The file must be in a standard format currently in use.
f) We recommend that the file does not exceed 2GB (two gigabyte) in size, for easy downloading of the video.
g) The theme will be free.
h) May not be submitted works that have been presented in previous call editions of Over The Real.

a) Application form signed by the artist (below these lines)
b) Receipt of payment of € 5 (five / Euro) for secretary rights and contribution to the realization of the event. Students enrolled in schools, universities and academies in Tuscany are exempt from the fee.
c) Biography professional of the artist or artists.
d) A brief synopsis of works.
e) N. 1 still digital image (jpg 300 dpi).

By FilmFreeway

a) Works can be submitted by download link until 11.59 pm on 30 May 2023.
b) The Festival by mid-July 2023 will send a confirming email to every artist whose works will be accepted.

a) All works will become part of the files Festival for use in cultural performances, non-commercial purposes and as part of the event.
b) 20 single-channel audiovisual works will be selected for the Main section and 10 single-channel audiovisual works for the Tuscany Under 30 section.
c) In the first selection step, the jury is made up of Over The Real directors:
Maurizio Marco Tozzi, Lino Strangis, Veronica D'Auria.
d) For the second step, which will be followed by the awarding of prizes, a jury of experts will be set up, whose names will be announced once the first selection step has ended.

Over The Real will deliver two awards:
a) Main Award worth €500.00 (five hundred/Euro). Among the 20 works selected and exhibited during the eighth edition of Over The Real, a jury of experts will award the prize to the best artist of 2023.
b) Toscana Under 30 Award worth €300.00 (three hundred/Euro). Among the 10 works selected and exhibited during the eighth edition of Over The Real, a jury of experts will award the best under 30 artists of Tuscany in 2023.
c) The awards will be delivered during one of the days of the Festival.

The files submitted to the festival will not be returned to their authors. All works will become part of the video library of the Festival and may be presented for cultural and / or educational (in any not commercial case) by broadcast channels that the direction of the festival deems appropriate, subject to notice and confirmation of the author.

The organizers reserve the right the exhibition of the works that may be harmful to human rights. Taking part in the festival implies full acceptance of these rules.

NOTE: The omission or misrepresentation of any information requested generated exclusion from the competition. Applications that are not complete will not be considered acceptable.