Over The Real, created and directed by Maurizio Marco Tozzi, Lino
Strangis, Veronica D'Auria, presents since 2015 (at GAMC in Viareggio,
Villa Bertelli Foundation in Forte dei Marmi, Ragghianti Foundation,
and Palazzo Esposizioni in Lucca), the most significant lines of
research that have emerged in recent years in the international
panorama of digital arts. Over The Real is connected to an important network of curators. During the previous five editions, works by artists from all over the world.

Over The Real is a festival that looks to the future but also always offers a careful historical vision through the meeting with artists who have contributed
to the spread and development of these languages. In 2016 Leonardo Sangiorgi co-founder of Studio Azzurro was present and held a meeting entitled
“Look in #retroprospective”, introduced by the critic Bruno Di Marino. In 2017 it was the turn of Maurizio Camerani who shared with the Video Art
Center - Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara by Lola Bonora many experiences related to the experimentation of the electronic medium in the 70s, 80s and
90s. In 2019 the conference entitled "The 70s: Videoart between technology and social transformations" with the participation of Carlo Ansaloni, Gianni
Melotti and Michele Sambin. In 2020 Fabrizio Plessi held the conference "Humanism of Technology" and in 2021 we hosted Federica Marangoni that held the conference "Electronic: mother of a humanistic dream".
Over The Real also dedicates ample space to didactic meetings and workshops presenting the aesthetic and creative methods of software and the most
advanced means (from video to virtual reality, up to artificial intelligence), to provide students and non-students with a complete view of the latest
technological means. Among the speakers: Alessandro Amaducci (DAMS of Turin), Igor Imhoff (Academy of Fine Arts of Venice), Lino Strangis (Accademia
Albertina Turin).
Over The Real is a festival that gives ample space for intermedial

Every year Over The Real gives a career prize was awarded to an important historical artist.

Call for entries for the seventh edition of the International Video Art Festival Over the Real. The Festival presents the most significant lines of research that emerged in recent years in the international audiovisual arts. Over The Real aims to create an opportunity for meeting and promotion for artists who work in the field of video art which favors visibility and contacts with the public, with curators, art critics, and cultural institutions.
From this year a section dedicated to Virtual Reality will be open.
There will be a selection of 20 single-channel audiovisual works. During the Festival, the artists will present their works through online talks with the participation of important curators and critics.
The selected works will show during the seventh edition of the International Video Art Festival Over The Real will be in Lucca from 30 April to 8 May 2022.
a) Each artist or group of artists may submit up to one video work.
b) No works are accepted with a date prior to 2021.
c) The file should be labeled with title, length, year, and author.
d) You can send a download link to the video file.
e) The file must be in a standard format currently in use.
f) We recommend that the file does not exceed 2GB (two gigabytes) in size, for easy downloading of the video.
g) The theme will be free.
h) May not be submitted works that have been presented in previous call editions of Over The Real.
The works will also be exhibited online on the website www.overthereal.com and on connected social platforms. In the event of a health emergency situation, due to Covid-19, the Festival could take place entirely online.
Info: www.overthereal.com