Open Screen Series at LATEA happens on a monthly basis, and is an informal, irreverent, loose and fun way to enjoy filmmaking today.

There is no jury for the submission process. Open Screen is designed to provide filmmakers with a theatrical space in which to publicly preview their work, receiving feedback from fellow filmmakers and members of the audience.

The concept for Open Screen is similar to that of open mic's for comedy or poetry. The filmmaking submission process is based on filling a two hour program of short films with a 15 minute maximum running time per film. After the screening there is a 5 minute Q&A period where audience members ask questions and offer feedback. The screenings will take place on a monthly basis. Open Screen is informal, irreverent, loose and fun.

Open Screen takes place at Teatro La Tea in the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center in the Lower East Side (Loisiada - as it's affectionately know) of New York City. There is a bar in the theater that serves beer, wine, soft drinks and water. We ask that people attending the screenings be 21 years or older and have valid proof of Identification.

There is no jury for the submission process. All films submitted are accepted and submissions close for the month once we have a two hour program. The idea of Open Screen is to allow filmmakers to have a space where they can screen their work in a theatrical setting and receive feedback from other filmmakers and audience members. Open Screen was founded by filmmakers to remove some of the traditional barriers filmmakers face in getting their work to screen in a theatrical setting and to get feedback from a live audience. We want as many filmmakers as we can possibly screen in a two hour block to screen their work.

Since Open Screen is about feedback and networking it would be ideal if someone associated with the film (producer, writer, actor, director, composer, etc...) could be at the screening to pass on any words of creative constructive criticism and accolades to the filmmakers. If you have a work longer than 15 minutes Open Screen is open to having you screen a 15 minute excerpt. We are not here to make judgements but to encourage filmmakers, it's why we call ourselves Open Screen.

1 - Films must not run more than 15 minutes. (If you have a film that runs longer you may screen an excerpt of up to 15 minutes)

2 - Your film must be on a USB Flash drive and be in a MP4 or MOV file format.

3 - Someone from the filmmaking team must be present at the screening to represent the film. (We do short Q&A's after each screening - we screen monthly so submit when you know you will be in the NYC area)

4 - The day of your screening you must bring your film on a USB in a MP4 or MOV file format.

5 - You must be over 21 years old with Valid proof of ID. (There is a bar in the theater that serves Beer and Wine.)