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The story revolves around the character Jason who is an IT professional in an oil company. On his way to work he sees a girl hitchhiking on the road but due to his important meeting he ignores her and continues driving. Later he spots the girl riding with a biker on high speed passing his car. Driving further Jason notices that the motorcycle had an accident, and the girl is hurt and rushes her to a clinic. He doesn’t stay long due to his meeting he is already late for. The nurses inform the girl who had saved her life and that he left his information at the front desk. Feeling better the girl is discharged. Jason loses his phone; therefore, no one could contact him for a couple of days. When he returns, he receives a message from his friend Cole on his landline, stating that they should catch up for dinner. The topic of Jason’s ex-girlfriend comes up and Jason discloses that he left her due to her dishonesty. Jason goes back to work the next day and tells his secretary (Julie) to arrange interviews for a position at the firm. And unknowingly one of the candidates is the girl (Ariana). When Ariana shows up for her interview Jason is shocked and narrates the accident to her, she offers to buy him dinner as a thank you, but Jason declines as he is leaving to go out of town the next day. Jason gets injured while getting ready for the trip, which causes him to cancel it. Jason still has leftover work to finish so he requests Julie to bring the contracts to a nearby coffee shop.

Coincidently Ariana happens to show up, surprised to see them there, Jason informs her about his injury and says that he’s taking a cab home so she offers him a ride. After dropping her home, he invites her inside. She compliments his lavish house, she trips and falls on him then he kisses her. Ariana feeling uncomfortable, diverts the situation by getting an ice pack for his ankle, and then leaves. Jason feels better and goes back to work and finds that the project he was working on had been canceled and that he no longer needs to hire any of the candidates. Jason and Ariana meet up at a coffee house and then end up going to his house. Ariana gets a call from her roommate saying that she got a job out of town, Ariana worried confides in Jason who offers her a room in his house. The following week Jason gets a call from his colleague saying they need him for the site shut down. The following night while Ariana is half asleep Jason informs her that he’s leaving for a few days. The next morning Ariana drops Jason at the airport. When he reaches his workplace he decides to update Ariana but she doesn’t pick up, but later informs her she was busy out with her roommate.
Jason comes home a few days later, looking for Ariana but she isn’t home. Although she arrives a few moments later appalled that Jason is home she hides her phone in her shoes, and forgets to take them out. Later that day Jason loading the washing machine hears the cell phone in the shoe and doesn’t recognize it as either of theirs. Jason goes out for a run the next day and finds the neighbor's son (Henry) flying a drone, interested Jason asks whether he can try. The following day Jason asks Henry to send him the footage of the drone, He receives to videos one being Ariana and a strange man on his balcony. The next day Jason put off by what he saw, still continues to act normal when around Ariana. Jason goes to work and talks to his friend about his doubt, his friend asks Jason to see someone who can help with his problem.

Jason changes his plans and meets his colleague's friend. When he returns home Ariana questions Jason about not informing her of his arrival. The next day Jason makes sure that Ariana isn’t home he installs a camera behind the TV. The following morning Jason asks Ariana to drop him at the airport but when she leaves he takes another exit and buys a rent a car and checks into a nearby hotel and tunes in for the live footage of the installed camera. He sees some motion and races home in his car. He hides near the window of his house and sees Ariana cheating on him. He waits in the car till he sees the man coming out of his house, and it is none other than his brother Jordan. He follows his brother’s car, stops it then hits him with the gun and takes him to a warehouse. Jason furious cuts his brother into pieces and puts his hand and foot in a bag. During that time Ariana goes out looking for Jordan and tries his cell but he doesn’t respond, she calls Jason who informs her he’ll be home tomorrow. The next morning Jason comes home and acts nonchalant. Ariana worried about Jordan doesn’t show it. As Christmas comes along Ariana and Jason throw a dinner party. Among the many gifts, they receive Jordan’s hand and foot. Jason leaves town for a corporate meeting and Ariana asks to come along. During their drive, Jason reveals to Ariana that he killed Jordan, and Ariana confesses that she was Jordan’s girlfriend and she was helping him kill Jason all along. Ariana tries to convince Jason that she loves him. While they argue Jason loses control of the car and it hits a tree. They both lose consciousness but Jason wakes up moments later. He removes Ariana from his car and leaves her there to die as he walks back to the city, alone.

  • Athar Alvi
  • Athar Alvi
  • Athar Alvi
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  • Runtime:
    1 hour 15 minutes 37 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 23, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    4,000,000 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Los Angeles
    United States
    August 29, 2019
    Amazon US
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  • Global Genesis Group
    Country: United States
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Athar Alvi

Well guys, I reside in Calgary. I can say it’s been a change in career for me from working for the oil industry for almost 20 years as a mechanical engineer. Suddenly there were no oil jobs for many when the price of oil came down and was laid off. I thought what I am going to do with my life now. I felt so depressed, so one day I decided okay, let's do something new and that I’m passionate about. I know I have to die one day or the other so doing something which I was curious about since my childhood, was filmmaking.

I said; okay let's make a feature film because that's my dream to do something big. That inspired me some reflection to start and write a story. Which are from my imagination how someone experiences love and betrayal.

I went to Victoria soon after. I met one guy there had asked him if he could help me make a trailer of this script I had wrote, so that I can like push it to the different companies and promote it a pilot. So he said yeah for 25k which is like a big sum of money. I say the good thing with me my character is I always like to what I want and I never give up. There is no harm in trying because at least if I try something I don't feel any regret. So anyways, so first thing what I did, I went to the Banff TELUS storytelling festival. I met so many people there's a roundtable conferences there. And I remember there's some AMPIA Higher Management Delegate was there and he asked me okay, what you do? I said I want to do something in this the film industry. I wrote a story and want to make a movie. So he gave me some tips. I had created my new production company called The Elemelons Entertainment and Media House Ltd . Everyone was shocked it was my first experience and I was there.

I researched myself how to make a movie off Google. So I kept working on it and I did auditions for ‘One Last Chance’. I remember that well and then we found some good faces, new faces and some experiences talent like Morgan Leblanc.

I already found a good Cast and Crew, I'm so thankful for them. Especially my cinematographer LK. So the first main leads a guy and girl said to me that I'm sorry, I've noticed there are some intimate scenes in the movie and they opted out. I called my cinematographer. He said I know some other actors. They are good. I again held auditions. What I had to do was picked the scenes of the movie which were the most intense scenes and shoot them first to make a decent trailer.

So I called Bailey who was all the way in Kelowna, who was originally cast in one scene and I boldly asked her if she was okay with becoming the lead female. She was so happy. I'm so thankful for her and her Mother. They flew from Kelowna and came to Calgary for her scenes. Then we keep moving and moving and then we finished filming. I was misguided with thinking post production would be easy.

A friend of mine told me to come to Dubai for editing help as he he had good connections in the Indian Film Industry, which was a great help. I came back to Calgary and I met a great contact in Victoria, Darryl who helped me as well with the re-edit.

Remembering that I don't know anything about the industry then Darryl told me to go to AFM (American Film Market) in Los Angeles, California. So I think I remember I sold my iPhones and use all my reward points so that I had money to go. I bought a ticket I went to AFM! When I arrived I was already two days late, but I reached out to about four, five hundred delegates.

So my entire night I could not sleep. I sent email to all the delegates. I don't know who is who. I just sent to everyone, my press kit. The next morning I found there were around 25 companies saying to meet and pitch to them. I went and met all of them, there was one lady there she asked me hey Athar your film looks good and it looks like you're very passionate about your work. What's your expectation in terms of how much money you want to make from this? I said listen, the thing is that for me this is my first passion project. You want to live or you die tomorrow? She said, of course, I want to live. If you ask me I don't care because this is my dream project and I'm so happy to even be here as it was my first time in the U.S.A. that to be with my debut English feature film.

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