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On Edge is a film that is told from the vantage point of a mentally challenged woman by the name of Spirit who is dealing with severe mental illness that stemed from a date rape. Spirit is in search of the key to love, and happiness all while trying to unlock her mind from the prison that she has built. After enduring a traumatic experience in her youth, Spirit is trapped between the cursed facts of her life and the false realities that her mnd creates. Her only mission is to bring peace to her troubled mind and regain the sanity that she'd been robbed of for many years. This story will have you On Edge every second of the way.

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    Short Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography

Author K. Bethany is a Foundational Black American, novelist/playwright who honed her passion for writing in Detroit, Michigan. At a very young age, K. Bethany started to develop a niche for great story telling, from many writing contest she entered as a child, to some of her great essays written while studying law at Wayne State University. K. Bethany has written many books across various genres of literature including, romance, crime, drama, suspense, horror and even comedy. K. Bethany looks to turn all of her literary works into theatrical adaptations as well as tv sitcomes and the big screen on various platforms. With continous drive and creativity; K. Bethany looks to bring to life her many stories of triumph, love and excellence to inspire many generations to come.

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Writer Statement

I write strongly from using the environement that surounds me. Many of my stories contain elements of myself and my environment and the environment that I grew up in and around, I am very conscious of using everyday life as a barometer for creating conflicted characters. I'm always re-adjusting the lens point of view. My stories don't always have a happy ending because life almost never has a happy ending. My charachters not only look upon their world but they also look out at the larger world. In some cases they must look deep within their soul and report back. This has been a conscious decision to hone upon what actually happens in the world and how to deal or not deal with the metropolis gaze which has long defined my writings. To say a bit more for me or the world that I am creativley building would be very precise in moving characters from the cliche umbrella of the ghetto characters. If I do my job properly I can develop universal characters who are relatable to anyone in the world without having the reader to think, Oh, here I am reading about the inner city ghetto characters doing what I expect of them to do. I think I'm on my way to succeeding in conveying the complexity of it all. I can truly say that I am not or that I do not have an interest in altering the world around me, I would just like my readers to have the concrete details as a pointer to guide them through the collection of my charachters. I think that this provides an element of satisfaction to the reader that may not have been possible in a stand alone story. In some parts my stories are violent or have a violent nature but such is the world that we live in, some of my stories can be incredibly tender and can be a position of violence and tenderness that I believe can be and has become the real engine of my collection of stories, that can be of perseverance through hard times and survival. I hope that the world enjoys them as much as I loved and enjoyed writing them.

"Knowledge is infinte, my words are my Melody and Wisdom is the lyrics to the keys of my soul!" K. Bethany