A edição do festival de Animação OLHO 2021, realiza-se entre 29 de Setembro e 2 de Outubro no Porto.

O festival tem como intuito de promover a divulgação do cinema de animação.
No período destinado às atividades do Festival, o público é convidado a conhecer as produções de curtas e longas-metragens nacionais e internacionais em sessões voltadas para a experiência de obras cinematográficas de autor nas suas mais diversas técnicas: como a Animação 2D e 3D, experimental, Stop-Motion e técnicas mistas. A partir do encontro com distintas linguagens artísticas presentes nas produções cinematográficas, o cinema de animação contemporâneo constitui-se como um lugar de acontecimentos, os movimentos atravessam as imagens e produzem uma relação singular entre as criações artísticas e o público. As produções selecionadas apresentam diferentes contextos e temáticas, numa variedade de perspetivas que permite uma experiência da animação através da sua multiplicidade.

The Animation Film Festival OLHO 2021 will take place between 29th September and 2nd October.
The aim of the festival is to promote animation cinema.
The audience is invited to watch animated shorts and features made with different techniques such as: 2D Animation, 3D, Experimental, Stop-motion and Mixed techniques. The Selected films present different contexts and themes with different perspectives that privileges an experience of animation through its multiplicity.

a) Longa-Metragem
Melhor Longa-Metragem

Melhor Curta-Metragem
Melhor Curta-Metragem Portuguesa
Melhor Realização
Melhor Argumento
Melhor Animação
Melhor Storyboard
Melhor Documentário
Melhores Cenários
Melhor Som

c) Escolas
Melhor Filme de Escolas
Melhor Filme de Estudante Português


a)Feature films
Best feature

b)Short Film
Best Short Film
Best Portuguese Short Film
Best Direction
Best Script
Best Storyboard
Best Documentary
Best Animation
Best Backgrounds
Best Sound

c) School
Best School Film
Best Portuguese Student Animation

Rules & Terms
Edition 2021

The Animation Film Festival OLHO 2021 has opened its call for entries and invites you to be part of the new edition of the event, that will take place in Oporto between 29th September and October 2. The date can be delayed due to the unpredictability of screening conditions due the Covid- 19 pandemic.

Only animated films completed after 1st January 2018 are eligible for the festival.
The selection team is authorized to reject any entry that does not meet the required artistic and technical and artistic standards, quality and compliance with the festival idea. Their reports are final and confidential.
To compete, the films should be submitted until 30 July 2021 to one of the following categories:
The minimum duration of the films submitted for the feature film category is 45 minutes.
Short Film
The maximum duration of the films submitted for the Short-Film category is 44 minutes.
The maximum duration of the films submitted for the School category is 20 minutes.
Films made by students who are either currently enrolled in a high school, post-secondary or graduate diploma or degree or were so enrolled during the films’ production.

Submissions in languages other than English and Portuguese must be subtitled in English.
Multiple entries are allowed. You can submit more than one film to the same category or different category, using a different entry form.
Filmmaker/Sender must have full copyright and permission for a public screening of a film and any part of it (screenplay, acting, camera work, soundtrack, etc.).
Entrants who incorporate any images, writing, music or other creative material where rights (including intellectual property rights) belong to a third party must obtain the third party’s express permission.
There is no entry fee required.

The films can be submitted through:

a) Online Entry Form at the official website of the Festival (Free)
b) FilmFreeway Platform (Free)

Please only submit your film if a DCP format is available as well as a backup version in one of the following: QuickTime H264, MP4 H264, MPEG2 HD, Blu-ray.
By submitting to this festival, the submitter acknowledges that their film poster(s), and excerpts from a trailer(s) and teaser(s) can be used by the festival organizers to promote the submitted entries and the festival's interest.

The selected participants will be required to send in additional materials about their films for the Festival’s catalogue and press materials, as well as screening copies.

All participants will receive a notification by email regarding the results of the selection, not later than July 20, 2021.
If your film is selected, it cannot be withdrawn for any reason;

The Festival will decide on the composition of the juries made up of 5 members.
The juries reserve the right not to award a prize, and can only award the following prizes:

a)Feature films
Best feature

b)Short Film
Best Short Film
Best Portuguese Short Film
Best Direction
Best Script
Best Storyboard
Best Documentary
Best Animation
Best Backgrounds
Best Sound

Best School Film
Best Portuguese Student Animation

OLHO Animation Film Festival organizes, during the year, open and free activities to diffuse and promote animation cinema. In the online entry form, the participants may voluntarily authorize free public exhibitions of their work . The Exhibitions will be part of OLHO free activities and will be presented between October 3 and 30th June 2022.
You agree that your film promotional information will be posted on our website and on our channels, if selected.
The Festival is not responsible for any claims related to copyright and property rights, trademarks, financial losses and liabilities.
All details and issues not expressed on these regulations will be decided and communicated by the Festival's Committee.
OLHO reserves its right to consider and decide on any exceptions.

Overall Rating
  • Gisela Chicolino

    Un festival que se las trae, que tiene mucha iniciativa, actividades. Gracias por sumar pantallas a la comunidad de la animación.

    May 2020
    Response from festival:

    ¡Muchas gracias por el mensaje!

    Es una alegría poder compartir los cortometrajes de Filmstofestivals.