For Eleanor, a great night was sitting with a bunch of friends watching films. Folks of all sorts could come together, share the experience and find common ground in the experience.

In honor of Eleanor, we are again hosting the OK2BX Film Festival. OK2BX*Film is dedicated to her core belief that we can come together and find more about us that is alike – rather than the things that keep us apart.

There will be 4 categories of competition. Films can be submitted to any and all of the categories. We will pick the best of each category – and also single out a film that best exemplifies Eleanor’s Spirit of happiness and inclusion. Each OK2BX*Film winner will take home their very own ELLIE.
The categories are:
1. INCLUSIVITY: It’s better for everyone when everyone is included. The winning film will best highlight the positive depiction of inclusion.
2. LGBTQIA+: We know there are struggles every day for LGBTQIA+ youth – but also know there is joy and happiness. We want your film to show this joy.
3. ANIMATION: Animation can be a thing of beauty or art – in ways that live action cannot or may not. Your animated film (drawn, rendered, or stop-action) shows us this art.
4. SMARTPHONE: Everyone has a smart phone these days. Let’s put it to use making art. Films in this group have to be shot entirely on a smartphone.

Come join the OK2BX Film Festival. It’s a great way to start bringing everyone together.

* ELLIE Trophy
* $200 CASH Prize for winner in each category
* Studio tour / Day In the Life at WFAA Television

• OK2BX Film Festival is limited to high school students (age 18 and below).
• Entries fees are $10 per submission ($12 each for late submissions). A film may be submitted to multiple categories – with each submission being charged the appropriate fee.
• Students and schools are permitted to submit multiple films.
• All films must be submitted via FilmFreeway in a festival quality, high resolution format.
• Maximum running time for each submission is 10 minutes. Any submission exceeding 10 minutes will not be accepted or reviewed.
• All submissions will be reviewed. Depending upon quantity of submissions, there may be multiple rounds of reviews before final judging. Submissions selected for festival will be notified.
• Students submitting films to the Smartphone Block certify that the film was shot entirely on a smartphone (no camera). Editing and post-production software on computer is accepted.
• Motion Capture films may be submitted to the Animation Block.
• Festival officials may enter a film in a block other than the one submitted at their discretion. This additional submission will not be charged.
• All music, images, titles, footage and other copyrighted material used in your submission MUST be properly licensed. You must have permission and/or the proper rights to all content submitted.
• Submission fees are final. Sorry, there can be no refunds.
• By submitting your film, you give OK2BX Film Festival the right to display your film. We may also use portions of the film in our promotional material in the future. This includes having your film on our YouTube channel and other social media.