The 6th Annual Official Latino Film and Arts Festival will take place this year in the City of Palm Desert, California. This year dates are October 22-24, 2012.

Last year we were able to coordinate 3 licenses from our screening films directly to HBO Latino. 3 lucky filmmakers will see their films this summer on HBO streaming. A dream come true, not only for the filmmakers but also for us as an organization.

This is what we do, It's all about the filmmakers!!!

Filmmaker Danny Hastings created the Festival in 2015 in response to the lack of Latinx representation in Hollywood films and TV shows. Our mission is to showcase, nurture, and support the emerging creative Latinx filmmaker that produces, directs or writes their films in the United States. We also support films and filmmakers that showcase our true American Diversity in their films, so we accept Non-Latino Films that showcase Diversity – Black, White, Asian, Native American, All Genders, LGBTQ+….All – You are all invited to submit.

This year we are going to highlight our American Spirit and only accept films that were made in the United States. THAT'S RIGHT!!!! This is the first American Domestic Film Festival of it's kind. Why NOT? There's already tons of International Latino Film Festival and we want to stand from the rest. Instead of making it International, we open it up to all other ethnicity that produce their films here in the U.S.

Our Neighbors, Our Community, Our Family.

This year’s theme is “OUR BACKYARD”. For many years Latinx Filmmakers and Filmmakers of Color have been writing, directing, producing short films here in the U.S., and for reasons we know too well, we still struggle to get any type of proper representation. We wait no longer for “the powers that be” to tell our stories.

Another important detail is that we take films that have been produced from January 1, 2017 to July 2020. So if you have a film that started collecting dust, for a year or two, send it our way, it might have a chance to still get in.


EXCEPTIONAL ARTISTRY AWARD (Animation/Stop Motion/Experimental)
BEST Webisode
BEST Sketch Comedy

In Addition we also award talent:


To qualify: All films need to be created in the United States and could be written, directed or produced by a Latinx Filmmaker or a filmmaker of any ethnicity and must include a diverse cast. We want to see real representation in the films.


The short films submitted should be recorded and edited on 4K or at least 1080 HD format. The length of the films should be no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 30 minutes. Short films must have been produced between January 1, 2017 and July 4, 2019.

If you've previously submitted a short film to our festival, you can submit it again this year. Filmmakers can submit multiple entries throughout the Festival's various categories.

Previous winners of the Official Latino Short Film Festival cannot re-submit the same 'winning' films, but can submit new work.

We are only accepting online submissions trough FilmFreeway. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT DVD's so please do not send them as they will NOT BE VIEWED.

Submitting your short films does not guarantee screening or acceptance. A notification of acceptance will be sent by written email from the Official Latino Office. Submission fee is non-refundable.

U.S. filmmakers must be 14 and older. All U.S. filmmakers under the age of 18 must include the contact information for a parent/guardian. Filmmakers outside of the U.S. submitting short films for the International category must be 18 and older.

Overall Rating
  • Susana Santiago

    Danny Hastings is the best! This film festival is one of the best we attended. One of the few programmers that really knows all the films and filmmakers and attends all the screenings. You'll regret not submitting to this one!

    February 2020
  • Truly an amazing film festival we will never forget. Our very first short film was premiered in the Horror block. We truly enjoyed the experience of meeting and viewing other filmmakers work. Thank you for creating a platform for independent filmmakers like ourselves to showcase our work and creating a welcoming environment.

    January 2020
  • Stephanie Willis

    Danny, the festival creator, is amazing and his passion is evident. He was able to arrange licensing deals with HBO Latino for 3 films in the festival, which is an incredible feat. I couldn't have asked for better communication either. My only criticism was the venue. They switched to a new venue this year and the sound and projection quality was poor.

    January 2020
  • What an amazing festival. This is my 3rd year attending, and first year with a film being screened. Danny is an amazing host and organizer. Always made us feel so welcome and excited about the fest. From making trailers for each film being screened, to helping promote. This festival really embraces the Latin culture and feels like family. And the venue is super cool. Organized, loving, great atmosphere, great people, and of course a Step and Repeat! Thanks for having us! We had a blast!

    January 2020
  • Maggie Burger

    Overall, really nice festival. It was a little disorganized, but the many amazing filmmakers I met and were able to connect with completely overshadowed that.

    January 2020