Nuuk International Film Festival launched in 2017 as a curated film festival showcasing new and old works from Indigenous Arctic filmmakers.

Since then, the festival has grown each year, introducing an industry section, panel talks, workshops, master classes and more.

In 2020, NIFF launched a brand new online submission system and now welcomes films from anywhere in the world.

As a film nation, Greenland is still in its dawning age. But Inuit storytelling goes back thousands of years, and with Nuuk International Film Festival we provide a platform for our filmmakers to reach new audiences in the Arctic and beyond.

We have a jury award for best shorts film and best feature film.

There is no cash award as we are a young festival.

We do try to invite guest to Greenland. - but not in 2020 as the Covid-19 has the world close down.

We are an open festival so anyone can submit there feature, shorts, documetary.