The Nur Box Theatre is a free and publicly accessible modular screening venue. Nur Box’s sole purpose is to provide Calgarians access and opportunity to view locally and internationally produced independent works of film, video, and media art, which might otherwise be inaccessible to the general public. Nur Box Theatre’s are positioned in public and private spaces all across the city waiting for people who have some time to explore. The programming is dynamic and sometimes challenging but always worth the time. Curated every month by local filmmakers, non-profit arts, film, and media organizations, and a variety of festival and guest curators. Accepted films will have a one month run as part of a package of 4-6 short films in all the active Nur Box theatres across the city (see map on website for locations of box's) with a guarantee of at least one box.

Awards & Prizes

There is one prize awarded each year. One film is selected by the general public out of each package and the 11 films are screened at the end of the season and voted on my the general public.

Rules & Terms

Nur Box staff, guest curators, and or an adjudicating committee will select all films. Packages and screenings are under the sole discrepancy of Nur Box staff. Films will be made accessible to the general public free of charge through the physical Nur Box Theatres. Films will not be screened in any context outside of the Nur Box theatre unless otherwise discussed and or approved by copy right holders. The yearly 'Best of Prize' will be awarded based on votes cast by the general public. The prize will be determined by Nur Box staff and can be a combination of cash and services. Applicants will be notified at least 6 months from their entry date.