Numidian Cavalryman

"The best horsemen of all Africa", as Titus Livius describes them.

Numidian horsemen were probably the most famous and feared horsemen of the ancient world.

A minimal equipment and their particular riding technique, admired by every ancient historian, made the Numidian cavalry an essential element on ancient battlefields, especially during the Second Punic War.

Who were the Numidian horsemen? How did they fight? And how did their riding technique worked?

We try to answer tho these and other questions with the help of literary and archaeological sources

  • Nico Guidetti
    The Dawn of the Etruscans
  • Corrado Re
    The Dawn of the Etruscans
  • Corrado Re
    The Dawn of the Etruscans
  • Gioal Canestrelli
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Il cavaliere Numida
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    10 minutes 33 seconds
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    October 5, 2021
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    500 USD
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Director Biography - Nico Guidetti

Nico Guidetti
In the period 1999-2002 he collaborated as a film critic with the important magazine "Cineforum".

Between 2000 and 2001, he collaborated with the Audiovisual Archive of the Movimento Operaio e Democratico, first as assistant director (“I giorni dell’R-60”) and then as an operator (“28 luglio 1943 – I percorsi della memoria”).
He has made numerous documentaries, includingNote a margine – Appunti per un film sul 7 luglio (2010), Il violino di Cervarolo (2012), Sabotatori (2015, with the support of the Emilia Romagna Film Commission) and Denominazione di Origine Popolare (2015, with the support of the Emilia Romagna Film Commission), Fonderia 39 (2017, with the support of the Emilia Romagna Film Commission).

He made, together with Federico Baracchi, the documentary I giorni dell’amore nascente, a portrait of the great Italian director Franco Piavoli, and, together with Luigi Sardiello, Il mago del cinema – L’incredibile storia di Mr. Corman, regista low budget, low budget director.

Since several years ago, Nico Guidetti has been collaborating with Res Bellica in the making of videos and documentaries.

In 2014, he collaborated in the conception, script and direction of the docufilm "The dawn of the Etruscans. Aspects and testimonies of the Villanovan civilization “, for which he deals with filming, photography and editing.

In 2019, with Res Bellica, in collaboration with Mediavision Cine & Video, a documentary on the Mirror of “Galassina”, screened as part of the exhibition “Lo specchio di Celestino. Archeologia etrusca a Modena nella prima metà dell’Ottocento” " at the Estense Gallery Museum (Modena).

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