Novella Showcase is now open for submissions. After a lengthy hiatus, we have returned and look forward to making this bigger than before.

If you're looking for a great opportunity to get your work out onto the airwaves, this is it. Our weekly short-film showcase has just been picked again and will start airing shortly. It will appear on three different public access television stations (with more to be added)

Airing on local public access television stations, it is seen by a sizable Michigan audience and we are working on widening the number of stations which carry it. If you have a narrative short--regardless of genre-- or animated short, a music video, or experimental film, we'd love to see it.

Note: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR FILM. Your film must be Downloadable. We are looking for one thing in any film submitted. WE MUST BE ABLE TO EASILY DOWNLOAD YOUR SUBMITTED FILM. If your film is not downloadable, it WILL BE rejected.

Working with the volume of film submissions we receive, if your film is not downloadable, it will not be considered nor accepted. This is the only reason we need to reject a film. Having run this for three seasons, we found that a full 60% of submitted films are rejected for this reason alone.

Your film, for whatever purpose may be password protected. it may be unlisted or unpublished. But keep this in mind, if you submit your film, you are giving us permission to add it to our scheduled television programming.

Your film can be accepted, but never scheduled. This depends on its desirability.
Once accepted, we will schedule it as we desire and where we feel it is best suited.

Awards & Prizes

We are also online. First as a weekly half hour episode, and then a weekly Editor's Choice. As an Editor's Choice we pick the very best film that we receive from a period starting at midnight Sundays and concluding midnight Saturday. If your film is chosen as either we will email you an attractive Laurel wreath which you can proudly attach to your film. All weekly episodes become part of our television program; all Editor's choice films will become part of our film festival which is scheduled for November of the following year.

Rules & Terms


We ARE NOT a film festival. Repeat we ARE NOT A FILM FESTIVAL.

Also, acceptance does not imply that we are scheduling your film. It is like a passing of a baton. IF your film meets our criterion, and we feel it is strong enough, we put it in a pool of other short films from which we draw and schedule your film. Scheduling may take months, if we schedule your film at all.

DO NOT email and inquire about the status of your film. Again, DO NOT email us and ask about your film. If you do YOUR FILM WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Also, please do not ask us to alter the appearance of our laurel wreath. We have one laurel wreath that we will mail you providing your film has been accepted. Another if it is chosen as Editor's Choice.

Although we are largely short narrative related, thus our name Novella Showcase, we accept films of any subject including animated shorts, music videos, or experimental films.

Please submit ONLY films that are easily DOWNLOADED . .

Submissions must conform to normal broadcast standards, so no language, graphic violence, nudity, or copyrighted materials.

Since the program itself is one hour in length, in all fairness to other filmmakers we'd prefer shorts of approximately twenty five minutes or less. We do make exceptions. But your film must be exceptional for us to grant these exceptions

Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis without deadline. Opening today, May 20, 2017, we will continue to accept submissions continuously. AGAIN, DO NOT email us to ask about your film.

Age of your film is not important. If produced within the last twenty years and available on youtube or vimeo, we would like to see it.

The very best will air in the order in which we receive them. All filmmakers whose films are selected to air, will be notified in advance as to when they appear.

HERE IS ONE RULE ON WHICH WE WILL NOT BEND. DO NOT send us anything via or other file transfer services. Do not send films as attachments.

Also, please limit the number of films you submit to two (2). Because we do not charge a fee, do not take advantage of our generous nature. If you do submit more than two films, we will only accept the first two films you submit and disqualify the others.

Also, Please do not submit actors reels, or advertisement of any kind. These will not be accepted. We are held responsible by the television stations as to what we program. As these television stations refuse advertising, any submitted advertising, whatever nature, will be rejected.

NO FEES. There is never a fee to the filmmaker for submission to any of our properties.

As it is appearing on our public access television station, this would be non-commercial television. We are not talking about money. But make no mistake: Many people associate public-access with lacking quality. We are working to create a new high watermark of quality in creating our series. For this reason, we are looking for the very best short films available. .

Please understand: Even though this is not commercial programming we are talking, airing it on our television station at all may disqualify your film from other film fests. Before you make this decision to publicly air it on TV, consider it from this perspective. We cannot be responsible if you chose to submit it for television and later find out that your film cannot be accepted by film festivals.

Filmmaker retains full ownership of his films by all means. We are simply requesting permission to exhibit films as part of this short film showcase on which we are working. We do not alter the films in any way; they remain intact exactly as they would appear on, vimeo, or elsewhere, so much so that the opening and closing credits will run in full and RT is complete to the second. What we are doing will not imply any ownership or control on our part in any way.

ALSO, unless your film is MICHIGAN MADE, DO NOT mark it as MICHIGAN MADE. If it is, this will result in immediate disqualification.

Novella Showcase is an independently produced and owned television show. It is not an employee of, nor an affiliate of Access Vision, Battle Creek, nor any other station on which it appears.

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    Keith Martins

    Don't know if my film ever showed or not. After initial feedback there has been no further communication. The description for the "fest" quite emphatically states not to contact him under any circumstances. It's been nearly a year so it's probably already shown, or it probably isn't going to. I suspect I'll never find out, short of sending an email and incurring his wrath.

    January 2018
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    Michael Savage Aka Sirtony

    Special creative gift to share ...creative filmmaker WORK a unique creative way...blessings to Novella...

    October 2017
  • false
    Ileana Gómez


    June 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Ileana

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    Yoshimasa Higashi

    cool!! Very nice! Great!! Loving it!

    June 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your review, Yoshimasa.

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    velton lishke

    great festival, very grateful they selected my film , feedback and correspondence was good, ive read some of the other comments and disagree, this is a good honest festival

    May 2017