Initiated by the Marseille Web Fest, "Nouvelle Vague" is a new competition dedicated to short formats and webseries. "Nouvelle Vague" is an international selection of independent productions, webseries and webdocs from around the world, produced “outside the market box”.

Exclusively online, this competition is aimed at creators from all over the world. Programs are selected in seven categories, each of which has its Award.

Registration is open from February 8 to June 30, 2022. The announcement of the 2022 winners will be made online on July 14, 2022.

Exclusively online, this competition is aimed at creators from all over the world. Programs are selected in seven categories, each of which has its Award. These categories are: Comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Action/Adventure/Thriller, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror, Animation/Puppets, and Documentary.

In each of these categories, a prize is awarded for the production and the screenplay. Also, all categories combined, a prize for music, photography, editing and design production is awarded.

A total of 25 prizes are awarded as well as the Ticket d'Or which will give its holder direct access to the Marseille Web Fest in the official international selection. One of the authors will be our guest for the duration of the festival.

The following Awards will be announced during the online ceremony on July 14th 2022.
• Comedy – Best Series
• Comedy – Best Director
• Comedy – Best Script
• Drama – Best Series
• Drama – Best Director
• Drama – Best Script
• Dramedy – Best Series
• Dramedy – Best Director
• Dramedy – Best Script
• Action/Adventure/Thriller - Best Series
• Action/Adventure/Thriller – Best Director
• Action/Adventure/Thriller – Best Script
• Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror - Best Series
• Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror – Best Director
• Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror – Best Script
• Animation/Puppets - Best Series
• Animation/Puppets – Best Director
• Animation/Puppets – Best Script
• Documentaire - Best Series
• Documentaire – Best Director
• Documentaire – Best Treatment
• Best Music
• Best Photography
• Best Editing
• Best Production Design
• GOLDEN TICKET : official Selection and invitation for Marseille Web Fest 2022.

1. All web series and webdocs whose episodes must not exceed 22 minutes individually from all over the world and completed or released after January 1st, 2021 are eligible.

2. The representative proposing a series must be over 18 years of age.

3. Submissions are accepted only through FilmFreeWay.

4. Series MUST be the intellectual property of the Representative entering it and/or their team, or the Representative must have obtained the appropriate licensing rights to use all content featured in the Series - including music. Proxy entries are not accepted.

5. The series must have a minimum of three (3) episodes available at the end of the 2022 submission period. The series does not need to be officially released or available to the public, but it must be available for viewing by our selection committee at the time of submission.

6. The series must be viewable by the selection committee and must not be limited to a specific country. Password protected links are accepted from sites, YouTube, Vimeo or through storage systems like Dropbox and Google Drive. Submissions with links to non-visible content will be asked to provide a new link. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. Series must have an offline download option for use in pre-festival promotional content.

7. By submitting their application to the Nouvelle Vague competition, applicants automatically grant the organizing association Imago Production a non-exclusive license to use their material for the public relations and marketing of the festival.

8. All non-English and non_French language series MUST have subtitles.

9. Participants can submit an unlimited number of projects, but each series requires an individual submission form and payment.

10. Entrants will be asked to classify their series into one of the following genres: Comedy, Drama, Dramedy,Action/Adventure/Thriller, Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy, Webdoc and Animation. The festival reserves the right to reclassify a series if it better corresponds to another category.

11. The selections will be announced on social networks and the Nouvelle Vague website. Series representatives will be notified of the outcome via FilmFreeway.

12. Nouvelle Vague decisions are final.

13. Nouvelle Vague reserves the right to modify the criteria.

14. Entrants are strongly advised to monitor the email address used for series registration for any information regarding Nouvelle Vague and the 2022 Selection. Nouvelle Vague takes no responsibility if a registered series does not receive notifications. or important information.

15. Registered series must be ready to submit a file for online streaming. The technical specifications for this step will be sent by e-mail.

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Terms and conditions

1. By entering a Series, the Representative(s) automatically acknowledge that they understand and agree to the Rules and Conditions.

2. By participating in Nouvelle Vague, representatives automatically grant the festival the right to use the submitted works and any excerpts thereof for promotional purposes.

3. By participating in Nouvelle Vague, representatives confirm that they own all appropriate rights to the cast, music, etc. By subscribing, they release Nouvelle Vague from any claim and from any liability related to the use of the series or arising therefrom.

4. Representatives agree to indemnify and hold harmless Nouvelle Vague, its advisory board, committee, staff, judges, partners and sponsors from all claims, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses (including, but not limited to attorney fees and court costs) that may be incurred as a result of any claims regarding copyrights, trademarks, credits, publicity, viewing and loss or damage of the presented series.

5. Representatives acknowledge that entering their work and paying the submission fee does not guarantee that they will be the winner of any of the Festival prizes. Representatives acknowledge that they are aware that all entries received will be judged by a judging panel whose decision is final. They accept this risk, understand that registration fees are non-refundable and that withdrawal of registrations is not permitted.

6. It is the representative's responsibility to ensure that their series is available for viewing by the jury and that the material submitted complies with the

Overall Rating
  • Caris Vujcec

    Loved being a part of this cool and select festival celebrating a specific genre of digital series from all around the globe! Always on point! Such an honor, fun presentation and ig benefit for the winner. Submit!

    July 2022
  • JJ Erenberg

    I'm so happy to be part of this awesome festival with my "58 Seconds" webseries.
    Thank you very much Jöel.

    July 2022
  • Christopher Ramsey

    I’m so humbled and honored to be included in this international community of show creators.
    Thank you, Joël Bassaget!

    July 2022
  • Quentin Lewis

    We were so happy to have been included in this wonderful festival. Joel is a reference for independent creators!

    July 2022