★ NÒTSTREAM was created by the same team behind Nòt Film Fest, a film festival for independent filmmakers powered by a community based movement that aims to give a voice to the most unique and innovative in the business.
Check out Nòt Film Fest at www.notfilmfest.com
Launching NòtStream gives us the possibility to extend year round the promotion of great independent films with a focus on thought provoking films and fresh new voices in cinema. We like docs, narratives, shorts and features from anywhere in the world and our primary goal is to offer our audience the opportunity to experience the future of cinema today.

★ Nòtstream is a curated streaming platform that celebrates independent cinema and fresh new voices, created by filmmakers for you. We guarantee a user experience comparable to any of the mainstream platforms and offer a monthly subscription based service to access a curated selection of high-quality shorts, features, documentaries from all over the world. Nòtstream is also a landing place for film festival programmers and distributors.

★ Our goal is to create a new inclusive distribution ecosystem and a safe harbor for the plurality of voices, of stories, of form , breaking free from the preconceived idea of what cinema is and should be. We believe in fostering our filmmakers future by providing festival programmers associated to the platform with our monthly additions and staff picks. But, beyond that, we pride ourself of being the most filmmakers friendly platform available to the market thanks to a non exclusive based distribution contract and a revenue share system that works with ALL PROFITS.

★ By submitting your film you not only will have the possibility to be distributed via NÒTSTREAM but also be eligible for NÒTSTREAM SPECIAL AWARDS which will be awarded during the Nòt Film Fest Award Ceremony in Santarcangeo di Romagna Italy.

★ If you think your film fits that description please submit.

★ NÒTSTREAM FUTURE AWARD - Assigned to a First Time Filmmaker

General Rules and Terms:
- All films not in English must have English subtitles
- Films can be available publicly to all subscribers and there are no holdbacks or other conflicting contract provisions that would prohibit the distribution of the film in the granted territory (ies). If your film is represented by a distributor or a sales agent please check with them prior submitting.
- All lengths and genres from anywhere in the world are accepted far as english subtitles are available.
- All submitted content goes through a submission review before it's accepted. Submitting on FilmFreeway doesn't guarantee distribution through the platform. Filmmakers must sign a NòtStream Distribution Agreement prior being featured on the platform
- Our current wait time to assess submissions is approximately 4-6 weeks.