For your submission to be accepted :

2. Read all the rules & informations about the festival : https://nygoen1.carrd.co/
3. Send your information and the movie : https://nygo20191.carrd.co/
4. Make the payment of 10 euros of registration fee via PayPal : https://www.paypal.me/maacasso


The 11th edition of the Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts will take place at La Marbrerie in Paris the beginning of March.

This art film and experimental video festival will explore the theme « My (re)view »

Since 2008, the MAACASSO association organizes each year an international art film festival named Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts (NYGO). This competition brings together projects from many young film makers with the objective of highlighting and encouraging the blossoming of new talents in audiovisual creation. On the occasion of this eleventh edition, the association is searching for young artists with art films projects to submit to the selection of our NYGO jury.

This year, the candidates will work on the theme “My (re)view”,

Following in particular the semantics of “My review” and “My view”. Trying to perceive, to get to know through the eyes, to direct one’s gaze towards something or someone in order to discover, to note or examine, to judge, to consider in a certain way a person or an object, such are the numerous definitions of viewing or reviewing and by extension, the notion of being viewed or reviewed. Moreover, these notions are further enriched by the fact that they include the contemplation of a reality, and even more so in the light of our modern society, that the artist can be engaged for the society, standing with Humanity, with his humanity.

It is our wish that the art films presented be the intense expression of the artists’ visions and that they participate in “opening the eyes” of a wider audience, through their creations combining esthetics and engagement.

1er prix : 700€
2ème prix : 400€
3ème prix : 200€
Public Price

Article 1 : Conditions of participation
The 11th edition of the festival « Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts » is devoted to art films and experimental films created by young artists aged between 18 and 30 years. Any exception shall previously be submitted for approval to the selection committee.
The films must be between 1 minute 30 and 7 minutes long. The theme of this year’s edition is « My (re)view ». Each film must follow a justified artistic logic and be in coherence with the theme. The limit is one film per person or group of artists.

Article 2 : Festival registration and deposit of works
The registration fees are 10 euros per film maker or group of artist.
To be officially considered a participant, the candidates must submit all of the following documents by email to candidatures.nygo2019@gmail.com before the 30/01/2019 at 11:55 PM

The duly filled technical sheet to candidatures. .The jury and the public should be able to understand the film, therefore any production in any other language than French or English should be subtitled in English.
A copy of the official rules in a pdf or word format, signed and accompanied by the handwritten words « read and accepted »
Both documents can be found hereunder.
The note of intent: the participant should send along with the film a note of intent, not exceeding two written pages, explaining his artistic approach and his motivations. Any application presented without a note of intent won’t be considered in the selection.
A photo (or illustration) of the artist in HD, free of rights or with photo credits.
The video in any of the following formats : .mp4, .m4v, .avi, .mpeg2 or .mov with wetransfer

Article 3 : Respect of intellectual property rights
Before submitting his application, the artist will obtain all necessary consent to the use and distribution of the images. The candidate garanties that all the works are of original nature. The work must be the exclusive product of the artist’s creation, and shouldn’t include any reproduction or creation belonging to a third party.
The MAACASSO association declines any responsibility concerning proposed artistic contents, going against any French legislation relative to the protection of intellectual property rights.

Article 4 : Selection of the candidates
Any incomplete application will not be considered. The organizers of the festival Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts reserve the right to refuse the application :
Of any film of which the copy is of insufficient quality
Of any film possibly disrupting public order or going against good morals

The cinematographic works will the chosen only on the basic of content given and the note of intent of the producer. The decision will be made by the organizers of the festival and will be final. The works will be chosen depending on the creative and original content, the technical quality, esthetic and the compliance with the theme.

The visualisation and the selection of the films will be made within the MAACASSO association, by the artistic team.

No film will be returned to the sender.
All the decisions of the committee will be send by email.
These decisions are final.
Any film registered and chosen for the competition cannot be retracted from the selection by the artist. If need be, the bureau of the association reserves the right to pursue legal action to claim damages if judged necessary.

Article 5 : Consent
The registration of a film implies the authorization of the use and publication of the informations and photos given - free of rights - at the time of registration to the contest by the participants and under their own responsibility.
Each candidate commits to affixing the logo of the festival Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts, downloadable on our website, on any communication documents that he could create himself for promotion on his participation to the festival, see further.
Any selected film will be listed in the festival’s catalogue and will be made available to any partners or sponsor wishing to use them.

The author of the film consents to give the rights, on this occasion, to the MAACASSO association. The candidate authorize the diffusion of the film :
by the media partners of the event
By the MAACASSO association for the promotion of the festival
the candidates accept that the photos, images or videos in which they may appear may be used for promotional purposes.

The films selected for the festival can be presented in the future by the partners of the festival, in an international context.

Article 6 : Insurance
The « Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts » festival will cover the cost to insure the films between their reception and their projection. In the case of a lost or damaged film during that time, the festival is only responsable for covering the costs of replacement of the copy.

Article 7 : The festival
The selected candidates commit to being present, represented by a person of their choice or by default, by a member of the association during the festival. They must inform the association 15 days before the event. A brief presentation of their artistic approach will be asked during the festival, before or after the projection of the films. The jury will be composed of art and culture professionals.

Article 8 : Prizes
The three finalists will receive prizes after the deliberation of the jury which will take place during the festival. The first place will be rewarded by a cash prize of 800 euros, the second place by a cash prize of 500 euros and the third prize by a cash prize of 300 euros.
In case of equality of votes, the president of the jury will select a winner. The decision of the jury is final.

Article 9 : Politique de rémunération
The candidates will not be paid during the festival, nor in the case of the use of the film by a partner of the festival in the strict context of the event. Accommodation and travel expenditures of the selected candidates will not be covered by the association.

Article 10 : Non predicted cases

The bureau of the MAACASSO association is in charge of handling any cases non covered by the rules and of giving potential exemptions to those upon written and motived request. The participation to the festival Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts implies the unconditional acceptance of the terms of the official rules. The bureau of the association reserves the right to cancel any registration and to take any other adequate mesures in the case of non respect of the terms or behaviors going against the proper running of the event.

The organization committee reserves the right to modify the rules or to cancel the festival, in the event of force majeure. For any dispute, only the Courts of Paris will be competent.

I acknowledge that I have read the rules and that I accept, without reservations, the conditions.