After a spectacular first year of earth-shaking cinema, the Norwich Radical Film Festival is back and open for submissions!
When we launched back in 2015, we announced ourselves as a true filmmaker's festival - and last year we more than made good on that promise. We hosted independent filmmakers from all corners of the earth. Directors, actors and producers flew from as far as Brasil, Los Angeles, Austria, New Zealand - even Ipswich - to see their projects on the big screen - many of whom have since been selected for prestigious festivals around the world. In 2016 we featured Brasil as it hosted the Olympics, amid an ongoing coup, and continued social unrest - in which our winning feature Brasil Meu Amor was set. The country of focus in our second year will be the United States, a nation in turmoil after a shock election victory propelled the vicious privateer Donald Trump to the White House in 2016.

In 2018, the US has its first opportunity to strike back at their new President at the polls, through the mid-term elections, as such it is the perfect time for us to use film to examine the rifts and struggles in US society, as well as parallels with the Theresa May's UK, and answer the question: what's to be done? Is it the end of the world? Is it the end of capitalism? Where do we go from here? We can't wait to see films produced in the US or produced in another country about the US to extrapolate these themes.

That being said, we hope that films from all countries about all subjects radical make their way into our lineup proving that cinema is one of the most provocative and intelligent art forms that can question and reinforce or even redefine our humanity....

Awards & Prizes

Best Feature
Best Short
Best Short Documentary
Best Feature-Length Documentary

Rules & Terms

Please read the description of our festival before submitting.

By submitting your film you understand and agree that the festival may use any portions of your of film, to be determined at the festival's discretion, not to exceed 5 minutes in length, for any marketing activities to promote the festival and your screening. Use of film content may include, but is not limited to, playback over Access non-profit community TV channels, printed marketing pieces, commercial advertisements and Internet distribution.

We also require all non- English speaking films to have subtitles please.

We do not pay screening fees for submitted films.

You understand that should your film be accepted, you will be notified and asked to provide the final screening copy. You understand that unless otherwise arranged, final screening copies on acceptable formats will be due no later than April 25th 2018. If we have not received your digital file by then, you WILL be dropped from the festival line-up.

8 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Jennida Chase

    I certainly wish I could have attended this festival! Overall the festival organizers were great communicators and I plan to apply again to this festival in the future...

    June 2017
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    Helen Wells

    A lively first year for this festival. I enjoyed participating and our film was shown in a well chosen section of films about different ways of dealing with change. We felt very supported as a Community group participating, a great human, socially engaged festival.

    November 2016
    Unnamed 1
    Response from festival:

    You are so sweet!! Thank you so much! We hope to see you again in May of 2018 for our second run!

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    Sinisa Kesar

    This festival is refreshment. It gives opportunity to show films from any part in the world in UK. Young team of enthusiasts with Jack Brindelli are giving stimulus with wittily and smart comments to filmmakers to show their films. I recommend this festival to everyone.

    September 2016
    Unnamed 1
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for taking the time to add your feedback! We hope you can be involved for our second festival in May 2018!!

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    Sami Ala

    Cool happenig. Lot´s of good films and spirit.

    September 2016
    Unnamed 1
    Response from festival:

    Our second festival will be in May 2018....hope you can join us!

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    Mazin Sherabayani

    Great festival, great people thanks very much for the great opportunity to meet some amazing people and watch wonderful films.

    September 2016
    Unnamed 1
    Response from festival:

    we love Mazin!!!! We are so proud to see Dyab doing well all over the world! Hope you have more films for us to show in May 2018! Much love!