The North London Comedy Shorts Festival aims to celebrate the best established and emerging talent of short comedy film in London and beyond. London is known for its excellent comedy and stand up scene and we are looking to help bring some of the comedy films associated with this further into the limelight and champion some of the great work out there at the moment.

All winning entries will be announced on the NOLO website on the festival date, after judging has been completed by our celebrity and award-winning panel of judges.

All entries should identify as ‘comedy’ and have been made within the two years prior to the screening date.
All entries should adhere to the durations of each category and where no duration is specified should be no longer than 30 minutes in total.

Overall Rating
  • This is a new member of the festival community and I couldn’t have been honoured more to be a part of it. Excellent communication, impartial judgment and a broad variety of those films selected tell me that this festival has done its level best to set itself up for years to come to be one of the go to events for showcasing short films. I wish them well and I’m already planing my next short with the hope of submitting next year.

    February 2021