The North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (NCGLFF) is the second largest gay, lesbian and transgender film festival in the Southeastern United States, attracting thousands of patrons yearly. Since its beginning in 1995, the Festival has featured a diverse array of shorts, documentaries and feature films. The Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau named the NCGLFF a Signature Event for Durham, the highest honor bestowed on a cultural event or attraction by the organization. The Carolina Theatre of Durham, NC produces the festival.

The NCGLFF celebrates a worldwide glimpse of today's gay, lesbian and transgender life, helps bring the community together and features entertaining and sophisticated films and filmmaking.

NCGLFF seeks submissions in many categories. Please extensively review the categories BEFORE submitting your film. We are especially seeking submissions that include African-American, Asian or Latino characters and themes. We include animated short films.

The 2018 North Carolina Gay + Lesbian Film Festival (NCGLFF) is scheduled for August 16-19.
Apres-Fest takes place August 20-23.


Best Gay Themed U.S. Feature Film
Best Gay Themed International Feature Film
Best Gay Themed U.S. Short Film
Best Gay Themed International Short Film
Best Gay Themed Long-Form Narrative Short Film

Best Lesbian Themed U.S. Feature Film
Best Lesbian Themed International Feature Film
Best Lesbian Themed U.S. Short Film
Best Lesbian Themed International Short Film
Best Lesbian Themed Long-Form Narrative Short Film

Best Transgender or Intersex Themed U.S. Feature Film
Best Transgender or Intersex Themed International Feature Film
Best Transgender or Intersex Themed U.S. Short Film
Best Transgender or Intersex Themed International Short Film
Best Transgender or Intersex Themed Long-Form Narrative Short Film

Best Animated Short Film

Note: If NCGLFF deems there are not enough worthy entries in any given category, the festival reserves the right to not present an award in any given category.

The Deadline to submit SHORTS in ALL categories is May 18th.

NCGLFF does NOT pay for artist transportation such as travel per diems, airfare, train, hotel, etc. We also do not coordinate travel arrangements with International Cultural Agencies. Please do not ask. If your film is accepted, all transportation and lodging is 100% the responsibility of the artist, including all travel arrangements.

NCGLFF does NOT pay rental or screening fees for films.

NCGLFF is seeking new narrative feature films that have NOT yet been released (or planned to be released) on Netflix, DVD/BluRay, or other pay services prior to Monday, August 20th, the first day after the end of fest. VOD is acceptable. (If your feature film is ONLY available for purchase on your website but NOT on any other service such as Amazon, etc., it is indeed eligible.)

Short films that are available on Youtube, Vimeo or other media services are indeed eligible.

Unsolicited feature-length documentaries are not accepted. We do not program unsolicited feature-length documentaries. Documentaries must have a waiver code for submission through FilmFreeway. NCGLFF does NOT accept music videos or similar.

If your FEATURE FILM (55+ min) is ACCEPTED, you MUST provide NCGLFF with a Bluray or DVD exhibition copy. We do NOT accept video/digital files for features.

If you cannot provide a Bluray or DVD, please do NOT submit. (This is expecially important for International films!)

If your SHORT FILM (1-54 min) is ACCEPTED, you can provide NCGLFF with either a Bluray, DVD or video/digital files. Files must be in .mp4, Apple ProRes, .mov, .avi, or .wmv formats.

Feel Free to contact Committee members about your submission questions.
We encourage films with or without distribution to submit.

Overall Rating
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    Devi Snively

    I really, really wanted to attend this one. Organization and communication were stellar, and we screened 3 times. It’s obvious from online accounts this is a very filmmaker-friendly and worthwhile event. I hope I have the chance to experience it firsthand. I can't speak to hospitality and networking as I wasn't there, but I'd be willing to bet it was excellent.

    October 2017
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    Angie Comer

    Everyone was incredibly and genuinely kind and staff of the NCGLFF always had the filmmakers interest at heart. I felt at home at my two screenings. I hope more filmmmskers attend in the future. This fest deserves your support.

    August 2017
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    Stan Madray

    Jim Carl and his team did an amazing job with communication. The very best communication I have ever experienced with a festival.

    I was unable to attend but a close friend did and raved about the festival. He has attended the past three years and cannot say enough good things.

    August 2017
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    Michael Bojtos

    What an incredible opportunity it was screening at this festival! They did not just make me feel welcome, they made me feel like a friend. The venue is gorgeous, and the festival had an incredible turnout. Not only was I able to meet chair people and volunteers but was also able to meet with sponsors and other filmmakers. The exposure I got at NCGLFF boosted my film's social media page by roughly 75 followers, and actually helped me land another festival screening! Absolutely submit, and hope you get accepted. It was an amazing weekend.

    August 2017
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    Kyle Reaume

    Great communication, loved working with the festival.

    August 2017