After escaping a memory-stealing cult controlling a virtual game, a man risks everything when he returns to the game to find the woman who once rescued him.

In the not-too-distant future when virtual environments are easily mistaken for reality, people live out fantasies and swindlers tempt and ensnare people with lies. Nonesuch was a designed as a VR landscape without rules, but cult leaders and swindlers made it easy for people to lose everything. One of these cult leaders, Jasper Peridot, perfected the art of mind control by convincing his victims to discard memories, the easier to convince them that reality was what he told them it was.

  • Baron Brady
    Bad Guy 47, A Zombie's Life, Representative
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Writer Biography - Baron Brady

Baron is a published novelist who has written a number of sci-fi and fantasy novels, short story anthologies and screenplays. Three of his scripts have been produced as short films. He's also the winner of various competitions for biographical scripts of Leonardo Da Vinci and rocketry pioneer and occultist Jack Parsons.

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Writer Statement

I was a voracious reader of sci-fi before I wrote my first story, and as a writer my passion for sci-fi has only increased with every short story and screenplay. No other genre offers writers so much freedom to craft characters, tell stories and offer visions of the world unseen and to come.