Storytelling is more than just a passion, it is a calling and I am glad I answered.
I am a young Filmmaker, based in South Africa. Storytelling is my passion. I love spending time with people and having conversations with them, I believe that makes me to be more open minded because I get to see that as people we're different and unique in our own ways. Empowerment is a part of me, I see it in the way I support and encourage my family, especially my friends. I'm a good listener, I enjoy hearing people speak because that's where I get to learn a lot from them and about them. I believe that a good speaker has to be a good listener.
I was born and bread in Tembisa, Johannesburg. I grew up in an environment whereby love, sharing and giving is a huge part of my family's principle. No matter how small something was, if there's someone next to me I knew I had to either give or share.
6 months ago I shot my very first short film, it is 10 minutes long and the whole experience was purely amazing, just having to work with people of which that's what I enjoy mostly, I truly learned a lot.
The name of the short film is INKONDLO. I got the chance to Co-write and Direct the film. It got selected for the annual film festival at City Varsity and ended up scooping five awards namely, Best Narrative, Best Film (year group), Best Directed Film and Best Production overall, lastly, Film of The Year 2018.
City Varsity
Producing and Directing
Birth Date
September 6, 1997
NomaSaturday “Satty”
Birth City
Current City
Tembisa, East of Johannesburg
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Storytelling is more than just a passion, it is a calling and I am glad I answered.
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