The Noble Homes Film Contest challenges filmmakers to showcase the true reality of living in a manufactured (not mobile) home community. Too often, these neighborhoods and homes are unfairly characterized as housing of “last resort”. In reality, this housing stock is a vital source of unsubsidized, affordable housing. In many of these neighborhoods, hard-working members help themselves, their community and their neighbors.
We know there are countless stories out there that could inspire us each and every day. They’re ones we’d love to share. That’s why we’re hoping you can help by creating short films we can use to further spread the message about the benefits of manufactured home living.
Films can either be 30 seconds to a minute long, or up to three minutes, depending on which contest you enter. By entering, you’re agreeing to let us use your films for marketing purposes even if you aren’t chosen as a winner.
There are a few things to keep in mind while putting together your submission.
We recognize that the homes in these communities are diverse as well, just as the residents who live there. While newer homes can mean savings and energy efficiency for some residents, replacing a home is not always a viable options for others. Please keep this in mind when working with residents and know that a home is a home, regardless of age.
First place winners in both contests will be awarded $5,000 and a runner up will win $1,000. You can submit as many films as you want for either contest and are eligible to win in both categories if chosen by the judges. However, you will not be able to win more than once in a given contest (i.e. you can’t be chosen for both first and second place in the same contest).
Submissions will be accepted until April 17, 2019 at 11:59 Pacific time. Winners will be announced on May 6.
For more information or recommendations of people to talk to for the films, contact us.

Two first place winners will receive $5,000. Two runner-ups will be awarded $1,000.

1. Videos will be judged on the following critera:
- Adequately shows the true reality of living a manufactured home community.
- Video addresses the stigma in a creative, engaging way.
- No profanities.
2. Videos must be 30 seconds to a minute, or one to three minutes, depending on the contest you enter.
3. Filmmakers can enter both contest as many times as they want. However, you will not be eligible to win more than once for a given contest (i.e. you can't be chosen for both first and second place in the same contest).
4. Winners will be notified and announced on May 6, 2019. Winners will be interviewed for a promotional/news story by festival organizers.
5. By submitting to either contest, you are agreeing to let your video be used liberally to promote the message by a wide range of homeowners and people in the sector. Videos will also be shown at a live screening after the winners are announced. Please include credits at the end of your submissions. However, you will continue to own the rights to the video.
6. All copyright issues regarding the screened films reside with the films rights owners. Should any legal issues arise as the result of a submission, those are the responsibility of the filmmaker.
7. Any videos not in English will need to have English subtitles.
8. Contestants can contact the festival organizers for suggestions of people to speak to.