No Role Modelz J Cole cover

Jcole role models

Watching at the stars at the cinema
in reality they don’t know what you really are
On a low key on a minimum
finna make a difference but they thought I was a maniac

Yeah they really thought I was doing wrong
Now they realize I was doing right
The lord is my strength and might
My blessings like terabyte
You only see me my smile
Never saw me when I cry

Expect the tears of joy
Don’t test run my feelings
My guts never lie men I listen to my instincts

It’s still love even though they ignore my greetings
I day dream then I work it out to reality
It’s all vanity but I’m a get rich still

I’ll be fine
don’t got time to explain how I feel
I walk my tunnel vision
I make my own decision
I follow God
got no time for no religion

We talking ideas don’t come out here bringing delusion
Refreshing up my memories
Thinking bout the joyful moments and the beautiful times we lived
The things that we die for
Is better worth living for

Train up a child in the way he should go
Make use of the rod so the morals he know
You reap what you sow

I need me a new love my roses got old
tap in my flows
I got electricity a million volts
Told em how I feel but they tryna ruin my mental health

Getting suicidal they don’t really know how I felt
But I overcome this shit
Went down on my knees and told god how I felt this sh”t
He think he look sexy cus he putting on a pink lipstick
I don’t really get this shit
Some of y’all get me sick
I vent on my projects
So y’all just let me sing

  • Onyia Joshua Ebuka
  • Onyia Joshua Ebuka
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    1 minute 44 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 14, 2023
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