Screening February 26th. Glasgow University, Gilmorehill Centre.

You've got one shot. 30 seconds or less. 
 No matter how you voted.

Here's your chance to share your own artistic response to Brexit that will be part of a nationwide film project.

We're not looking for vlogs, but rather captured moments. Think still life as a moving image. A portrait of expression. A landscape captured on film. Just interpret Brexit. Use your iPhone, or your finest gear.

Remember, there can be no cuts. No Frame is an Island is a body of work that comes together to explore the idea that every frame in a film is defined by the one that comes before it and after it.

No matter how each of us voted, we stand together.

To submit you must be:
-Based in Scotland

Submissions must be:
-one shot with no cuts
-a maximum of 30 seconds long
-contain no titles
-contain no musical score (excluding diegetic music)