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NoBody Chances Upon Love - WIP

A young woman goes on a dating app, gets into a relationship, and finds herself deconstructing the idea of love at the same time that she begins to suspect that her memories of it aren't quite what they're supposed to be. Set in 2020 in a Bombay morphed by memory, this is a post-modern, contemporary, Indian approach to the love genre that converses with mainstream rom-com. When memory replaces reality, a mix of idealisation and bitterness begins to form. This is not the kind of film that will tell you what happened, but rather, how it will be remembered. This is the story about the idea of love without love; the idea of love before love; the idea of not-love as the idea of what is love. All woven together by original music referencing important 90s pop music genres--by a fictitious angry young feminist pop star from the North East of India, known by her monicker A Swift Tailor.

  • Mili Pravin Sethia
  • Mili Sethia
  • Vinita Venugopal
    Key Cast
  • Adi Chaudhri
    Key Cast
  • Sangeeta Almeida
    Key Cast
  • Mercy Tetseo
    Key Cast
    "A Swift Tailor"
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 31 minutes 48 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 10, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
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  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Mili Pravin Sethia

I grew up in Bombay, but managed to change 8 schools and 4 colleges. Being a reader and a restless person, I chanced upon a lot of different career paths before surrendering to filmmaking.
With a Master's in Transcultural Design, I accumulated 4+ years of unearthing market-specific consumer realities of products that led me to my real passion: storytelling, and a second Masters, but in filmmaking.
I am convinced that people don't buy things, but ideologies, or stories. Whose stories are we being told? My work is at a cross-section of visual culture, popular mythology, and identity formation.
In filmmaking, my approach is music-first, and particularly NoBody Chances Upon Love would have been unimaginable without the collaboration of its beautiful musicians, most notably the Mercy Tetseo, Mhaseve Tetseo, Nakul Aggarwal and Maanov Bhoumik.

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