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Ninja Boys

A team of super powered, super awesome, and super attractive crime-fighting teens grapple with their own mortality for the first time when a prophecy warns they may not be as invulnerable as they thought. Between the shapeshifting kangaroos, power stealing crystals, and hormonal high school drama, these dang Ninja Boys have their plates full.

  • Danny Gendron
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    Television Script
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    superhero, teen soap, action, dramedy, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Danny Gendron

Danny Gendron is a writer, voice actor, and short film producer who resides in Los Angeles. An accomplished writers' assistant and script coordinator, Danny dreams of making the leap to working staff writer for either comedies or dramas. Originally from New Hampshire (a small Northeastern state located in the woods), he asks that you not hold it against him for supporting Boston sports teams.

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Writer Statement

There’s this memory burned into my brain. I’m running at a full sprint home from the bus stop after school. I get dropped off at 3:55. "Power Rangers" starts at 4:00. It’s always a tight squeeze. As a chubby child weirdo, this was about the only thing that could get me to run. If ANYTHING kept me late at school, that was it. Over. No way you’re making it. Back then, if you missed a new episode of a show, that was it dude. You’d have to put the pieces of the story together yourself and MAYBE some day catch the missing episode on reruns.

I was hooked on shows like "Power Rangers" and "Dragonball Z" at a very early age. They were my gateway into heavily serialized, mythos-laden storytelling. You kept watching because you had to find out how the gang was going to get out of this jam. And there was always a jam to get out of.

That’s the spirit I aim to capture with my new pilot script “Ninja Boys,” but with an added dash of CW-esque teen soap drama. I want my karate crime fighting, power blasting teens to have much more complicated inner lives than Jason and Kimberly did back on "Power Rangers." Just because they morph into animals, cast magic spells, and shoot lasers out of their hands doesn’t mean they don’t stress about college applications, struggle to make ends meet, or get into fights with their boyfriends.

The Ninja Boys have to deal with a little added dose of reality to go with their limitless superpowers. The theme this presents is what excites me about the project: No matter how perfect, capable, or confident someone may seem, no one is immune to flaw. Everyone has weaknesses.

Thank you for your consideration.
Danny Gendron