An aspiring singer learns she must face her troubled past to be free finally.
Thirteen-year-old sassy Nicolette dreams of becoming a famous singer, but not the church singer her grandmother, Nana, wants her to be. Nicolette doesn't feel like anybody understands her until she meets her new neighbor, Eddie. She feels a deep connection to him but doesn't understand why. Shortly after Eddie's and Nicolette's newfound friendship, a stranger sexually assaults Nicolette. Years later, Nicolette is a Hampton University student living in the same city as her estranged father. Nicolette is frustrated, timid, and withdrawn, a far stretch from her childhood personality. Monica, her best friend since grade school, attends the same college, and one day, Monica introduces Nicolette to two women. Unbeknownst to Monica and Nicolette, these two women work for Nathaniel, an unethical club owner looking for new talent. Desperate to find her way back to herself, Nicolette agrees to audition for Nathaniel and becomes one of his club singers and more. Marquis, a down-on-his-luck talent manager, is there the night Nicolette auditions but doesn't save her from Nathaniel's claws until several months later. Marquis abuses and cheats on Nicolette and spends all her money. But, when Nicolette faces her dark past, she finds what she's been looking for.

Nicolette is one of the millions of women's stories who suffered significant life events, often deterring them from their dreams. However, Nicolette shows that trauma doesn't define you, and forgiving and finding your way back home is possible.

  • Timika S Chambers
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I'm a trained BSN and MSN nurse with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. In 2020, I became a full-time writer, speaking to human hearts and minds via autobiographies, children's books, memoirs, nonfiction self-help, poetry, and screenplays. I aim to present stories to a global audience, helping people remember the human spirit's purpose and resiliency.

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I write & display captivating, empowering, & transformational stories globally.