New's_Cool - Pilot

This YA series is in the vein of Bunk'd, Victorious and iCarly and follows the struggles of recent transfer student (Oakland to LA) Andrea Moore as she attempts to fit in with her new classmates and her new school. However her classmates oare either mean or crazy and the school itself is a high tech nightmare complete with sarcastic AI overlord, algorithms instead of classes and no friggin' lockers!

For good measure, Andrea makes enemies with the meanest girl in school when she accidentally kisses her boyfriend...oops. She's public enemy number one and it's not even the end of day one.

  • Jason K Garrett
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    Television Script
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Writer Biography - Jason K Garrett

Jason K. Garrett (The writer, not that guy who got fired from the Dallas Cowboys) is an American Boy from the Midwest who got tired of the cold and moved to Los Angeles to learn the craft of screenwriting. He's currently, knee deep in scripts for short films, TV and feature length projects and gets pretty close to 3 hours of sleep per night.

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Writer Statement

There's no straight line in Hollywood. You may think it's straight but maybe you just haven't seen the curve yet. Keep going, no matter what.