As one of the featured events of the upcoming Newark Arts Festival, the Newark Short Film Awards will be held on Saturday, October 12, 2019. The NSFA is presented in partnership with Express Newark and NYC Filmmakers in the historic and redeveloped Hahne & Co., building located at 54 Halsey Street, Newark, New Jersey.

In addition to the Awards Ceremony, this is a full Day of Creativity providing filmmaking and improvisation workshops, networking events, entertainment, and an overall support system for artist, actors, composers, directors, writers, stagehands, operators and filmmakers.

Films may be submitted in the categories of Web Series, Documentary, Narrative, Comedy and Best Student Film.

Included in the day's program's lineup are continuous movie screenings, and Filmmaking workshops, and a Networking Session that will provide an opportunity to converse and share information and promote individual specialties within the film industry.

This event is designed for all artists interested and working in and around the filmmaking industry and for Movie Lovers alike. The day will be informative, lively and entertaining.

Passes for the Newark Short Film Awards are on sale Today at

Prizes will be awarded to winners during the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, October 12, 2019. Winners will receive a variety of cash and/or trophy prizes.

Selected winners will also receive free passes to the Newark International Film Festival.

All film submissions must be 2-30 minutes long including credits.
20 short films will be selected from the submissions that are received.
The selected films will be screened during the Newark Short Film Awards.

Films may be submitted at
All submissions must be received by Friday, September 20, 2019.

If the film has been screened and won awards at previous festivals, please indicate which festivals and the awards given.

All Entries should include a mini press pack including a one paragraph synopsis and short staff biography with a photo of director and producer for promotional use.

All Entries must include a list of the cast including high-quality photos for promotional use. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Early Bird Submissions Due by July 15, 2019 - Fee $20.00

Regular Submissions Due by September 20, 2019 - Fee $30.00

Early Bird Student Submissions Due by July 15, 2019 - Fee $15.00
(Must Be a Registered Student. High School, College, Trade, Art School)

Overall Rating
  • Zak Mir

    Great experience and its one of a kind. Great people, films and workshops - proud to be part of it and looking forward to the next one. Thanks to the festival for showing my work, Ode to an urn.

    April 2019
  • I truly enjoyed this festival... it was informative, fun and I got a great response to my film... everything was well run and went smoothly... I even got to take an amazing improv acting class... there was so much to do as far as classes, networking and activities... everyone was so welcoming... kudos Matt...!!!

    April 2019
  • JayV Simmons


    April 2019
  • Greg Jenkins

    We could see some great innovative storytelling and we are happy that "Battle for New York" was one of the award winners. Keep up the good job and thanks for the hospitality!

    April 2019
  • Angela Williamston

    I would like to say thank you for screening An Uber Ride. We had a good crowd of filmmakers in the house to view. I am thankful for the views but in the meantime here is my feedback.

    1. Need better promotions to get an audience for the films and not just the filmmakers that submit their films.
    2. The festival needs to be transparent about how to win and what makes a film a winner? Because the ones that won were technically off and storylines not clear. If positive images of Newark is the key then these film should have not won. Nothing about the films in the short narrative section and the short doc section that won was about Newark and only one of the filmmakers was in the house that won in those sections. If the key is to bring people into Newark how did they win when they did not show up to support there own screening?
    3.the ticket fee is too high for people to just come in and check out for the day. From free to get in, to $40 for the day is a lot and the filmmakers don't get paid nor do they win money.
    4. there is no feedback for the films or the filmmakers. We would have loved to talk about our films but we were made to listen to comedy and poetry for 2 hours to find out who won the film awards. " FILM AWARDS" not "PERFORMANCE AWARDS" it was not cool that we could not comment on our film nor talk about them even after we screened them.
    4. This festival gives no feedback for filmmakers and we only get to hear the org talk about the work that they are doing.
    5. Filmmakers, the feedback and networking value is 0. if you are looking for feedback on your film this is not the festival to submit to.

    I have supported this festival for three years. This year would be my last. I wish you all the luck Matt. I think y'all really need a media literacy component in your festival. Newark is 93% black and all the films that won were white and from out of town. As a media literacy educator, and someone who learned most of what I know from cinema, I love movies that pull back the curtain and show us the hidden side of a community I thought that this was what this festival was going to be. I feel you should not use the local filmmakers to gain a crowd then give away the awards to people from out of town and they don't show up. It is not cool but I am thankful for the viewing that I paid for, I am not into pay for play but I thought I was supporting a local movement. but again thank you.

    March 2019