The New York International Screenplay Contest is the most reputable and respected screenplay contest in the Big Apple. What sets us apart is that EVERY SCRIPT SUBMITTED RECEIVES WRITTEN FEEDBACK as part of the entry fee.

Our staff is dedicated to awarding the best screenwriting talent and there is no better way to guarantee your script is given a fair shot than to prove that each and every script is read and reviewed on an even playing field.

We look forward to reading your material!

Best Feature Script - $1,500
Best TV Pilot - $1,000
Best Short Script - $750

Each and every winner gets a phone introduction to a literary manager and development consultant!

- Writers of all ages are eligible.
- The material submitted must be in English.
- All material submitted to other competitions or contests is eligible.
- There are no limitations or restrictions as to date of authorship.
- The material submitted must not be encumbered by any obligation to, or option held by, any third party prior to entering the competition.
- Material must be submitted in PDF format.
- All submitted material must be original, and all rights must be wholly owned by the writer(s).
- Feature scripts that exceed 130 pages will be disqualified.
- TV scripts that exceed 75 pages will be disqualified.
- Short scripts that exceed 30 pages will be disqualified.
- Past winners are not eligible to submit.
- There is no limit to the amount of entries one may submit.
- Resubmissions are accepted.

Overall Rating
  • Aaronn Castro

    Excellent feedback and communication. I will definitely be entering this festival in the future

    August 2019
  • Alvaro Mendes

    Congratulations! It's a very good contest.

    July 2019
  • Alan Harrington

    Great communication and insightful comments--much appreciated. Looking forward to the next one.

    July 2019
  • David J Schroeder

    Thank you NYCISA, and Melanie Zinger! I am honored to be a Semi-Finalist and Quarter-Finalist.

    June 2019
  • Ray DeFeis

    I am thrilled to have been selected as a Finalist in this year’s New York City International Screenplay Awards for my short thriller FISH FETISH. The feedback I received for my script was gratifying to me as a writer and very useful to put toward a revision, encouraging me to to submit my work as an entry in other international film festivals.
    Congratulations to all the winners of the 2019 New York City International Screenplay Awards !

    June 2019