Festival Pass without Awards Party

Price $30.00

The Festival Pass without Awards Party gives access to ALL screenings and masterclasses during the festival from 1-4 March 2018 at LAB111.

Awards Party Only

Price $55.00

Awards Party Only is a ticket for the Awards Party Sunday 4 March from 3-6 pm at LAB111.

VIP Festival Pass

Price $80.00

The VIP Festival Pass gives access to all screenings and master classes during the NRFF Amsterdam 2018 festival from 1-4 March 2018, and also includes access to the Awards Party Sunday 4 March from 3-6 pm at Lab111.

Block A

Price $9.00

A ticket for Block A Thursday 1 March 11.30-1pm.
The Sutherland School, Good Hands, The Accompanying Dancer, Near Change, The Sky is Blue Everywhere.

Block B

Price $9.00

Block B Thursday 1 March from 1.15-2.45 pm.
Awake, Emancipation, Polis Nea, Vera's Tongue in My Mouth Full of Chocolat, Ma Terre (My Ground).

Block C

Price $9.00

Block C Thursday 1 March from 3-4.30 pm.
Fifo, Doing Nothing All Day, Structures of Nature.

Block D

Price $9.00

Block D Thursday 1 March 2018 from 4.45-6.15 pm.
Exchange, The Cycle, You, Harding & His Camera, Omelettes with Spinach, El Amigo (The Good Friend)

Block E

Price $9.00

Block E Thursday 1 March from 6.30-8pm.
Nicole's Cage, The Peculiar Abilities of Mr Mahler, Remue-Meringes-Brainstorm, Deserted, Employee of the Month, Crash.

Block F

Price $9.00

Block F Thursday 1 March from 8.15-9.45 pm.
The Patient - A One Act, The Last Goldfish.

Block G

Price $9.00

Block G Thursday 1 March from 9.50-11.00pm
Avsar (Opportunity).

Block H

Price $9.00

Block H Friday 2 March from 11.30 am - 1.00 pm
Story For An Empty Theatre, Outlines, Passion Gap.

Block I

Price $9.00

Block I Friday 2 March 2018 from 1.15-2.40 pm
Older Than What?, Vows, Fuego, Love, Steve, ChenChen, Worth It, Sweet Nothing.

Block J

Price $9.00

Block J Friday 2 March from 3-4.30 pm
Closed, Nation Down, Bo & Mei, Memories Wrapped In Paper Planes, Food First, Hikikomori - Life Through The Lens.

Block K

Price $9.00

Block K Friday 2 March from 4.45 - 6.15 pm
Vacancy, Out & About, Stealing Silver, Nurse Me, Regina B, Buddy.

Block L

Price $9.00

Block L Friday 2 March from 6.30 - 8.00 pm
Yukno Blut, Silence, Weird, Calamity, Tagged, Whoever Was Using This Bed, Au Revoir Balthazar, How You Left Us.

Block M

Price $9.00

Block M Friday 8.15 - 9.45 pm
Go Paul, The Beach Boy, Hurry Slowly

Block N

Price $9.00

Block N Friday 2 March 10.00 - 11.00 pm
Not Immune, She is Juiced.

Block O

Price $9.00

Block O Saturday 3 March from 11.30-12.45 pm
Philip, The Desolate One, But...Sometimes, Boris: Portrait Of An Artist As An Old Man, Written/Unwritten.

Block P

Price $9.00

Block P Saturday 3 March from 12.45 - 2.15 pm
Some Girls, The Kiss, M As In Martha, Johnny On The Moon

Block Q

Price $9.00

Block Q Saturday 3 March from 2.30 - 4.00 pm
That Night In November.

Block R

Price $9.00

Block R Saturday 3 March from 4.45 - 6.00 pm
Vika's Dream, Mimikri, Populace, Forest of Echoes.

Block S

Price $9.00

Block S Saturday 3 March from 6.15 - 8 pm
Rembrandt's Etching, Phantomschmerz.

Block T

Price $9.00

Block T Saturday 3 March 8.15 - 9.30 pm
Cuddlefish, Juan Gabriel Is Dead, Xavier, Dont F**ck With England, Ursinho

Block U

Price $9.00

Block U Saturday 3 March from 9.45 - 11.00 pm
Pluck, The Velvet Abstract, Eaglehawk, Pool

Block V

Price $9.00

Block V Sunday 4 March LAB1 (ground floor cinema) 11.30 am - 12.45 pm
Counterlight, The Sacred Disease, Counterfeit Kunkoo.

Block W (with Oscar nominated films)

Price $12.50

Block W Sunday 4 March LAB1 (ground floor cinema) - OSCAR block
The Ravens, In White, La Slitta, Two Balloons, Sweet Maddie Stone, Citipati, The Silent Child.
Plus a complimentary coffee or drink (wine or beer) at the bar between 3-4 pm

Block X

Price $9.00

Block X Sunday 4 March in Lab2 Cinema downstairs from 11.45 - 1.15 pm
Fantasie Impromptu - A Prologue, Vernae, All We Left Behind, Wild Beasts, Les Demantlai.

Block Y

Price $9.00

Block Y Sunday 4 March in the Lab2 cinema downstairs from 1.30 - 2.45 pm
Expiration Date, Ella's Men, Hugo XO, Platypus, Visitor

Masterclass Martha Parlatore


Masterclass with Martha Parlatore Saturday 3 March 12-1.30 downstairs in the conference room at LAB111.

Materclass Ernie Tee


Masterclass with Ernie Tee Saturday 3 March 1.45-3.15 downstairs in the conference room of LAB111.

Panel Discussion


Panel Discussion Saturday 3 March 3.30-4.30/5.00 downstairs in the conference room of LAB111.