New Moon Killer

A serial killer strikes Denver during the new moon. The so-called 'New Moon Killer' has deftly avoided detection by creating crime scenes that point to credible, but false suspects. Ignoring warnings he may be the killer's next target, Dean Weir, a driven lawyer, goes on his nightly 3 a.m. runs to gain 'creative inspiration' for his screenplay and socials. During these late-night runs, Dean develops complex relationships with several nonconformists, including Officer Luke Dice, a former Marine turned cop, Smiley, a strung-out skateboarder and Sylvia, a security guard. In order to quell an angry public and gain insight into the New Moon Killer's identity and motives, Detective Ava Vasquez recruits Simone Lavigne, a driven TV reporter and Dean's girlfriend.

This multi-award winning screenplay, also marketed as 'New Moon 5280,' has been an official selection at more than 100 film festivals around the world. This compilation includes all eight Season One episodes presented in short script format.

  • Dean Harakas
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  • Genres:
    Thriller, Horror, Psychological Thriller, Dark Drama
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    United States
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Writer - Dean Harakas